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Saturday March 17, 2018

Harrison Central School District Receives S&P “AAA” Rating

    The Harrison Central School District is excited to share with the community that…

Harrison High School Choral Program Welcomes Backtrack

    In between rehearsals for the spring musical, the Choral program at Harrison High…

The LMK Drama Club Presents Oliver! (Photo Gallery)

    The LMK Drama Club is proud to present Oliver! in the Louis M.…

Harrison High School Sends 13 To International DECA Competition

    With an historic finish, the Harrison High School DECA Business Club is proud…

HHS Spanish 3 Students Visit El Barrio Museum

    Harrison High School Spanish 3 students visited the exhibit for the Three Kings…

Students Feel The Olympic Spirit at Preston Elementary

    Even though the 2018 Winter Olympics have drawn to a close, the students…

HHS Research Students Place at JSHS Science Symposium

    Congratulations to the ten Harrison High School Research Science students who participated at…

Elementary School Students Count Their Way to 100 Days

    It’s that time already?  The school year has cruised by the 100th day…

Harrison Sends Three to NYS Indoor Track & Field Championships; Two Medalists

    Congratulations to Robert Blue, Ian Santiago, and Justin Altamuro who represented Harrison High…

Harrison Relay for Life Kickoff – March 15th at 6:30pm

  The 4th Annual Harrison Relay for Life Kickoff event will be held Thursday, March…


Letter from The Superintendent regarding School Safety

The following is a letter from Harrison Central School District Superintendent Dr. Louis N. Wool regarding our commitment to school...


HCSD Registration for 2018-19 Full-Day Kindergarten Has Begun

The Harrison Central School District is excited that full-day kindergarten registration began January 29th for the 2018-19 School...




Important Note:  The K-12 Science Department has begun the process of updating our program to reflect the new New York State Science Learning Standards (NYSSLS) which were developed from the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).  Updated curricula are noted below.


The Harrison Central School District's K-12 Science Department is focused on creating a rigorous and differentiated learning environment for all students that encourages them to explore science as risk-takers and active, independent learners leading to the development of passionate life-long science learners.

Students explore and experience science in the classroom through:

  • A cooperative, safe and hands-on approach which simulates the work of real scientists
  • Research and the reading and analysis of non-fiction text
  • Writing for the purpose of persuasion and explanation through research papers and laboratory reports
  • Problem-based learning
  • Higher order thinking such as inquiry, analysis and application
  • A technology-rich program
  • The application of mathematics
  • Ethical analysis of past and present-day scientific work
  • Consideration of the impact humans have on the environment
  • Opportunities for community outreach

Our program supports the New York State Math, Science and Technology Standards (MST), The Common Core Reading and Writing Standards (CCRWS) and the IB Curriculum. Science standards are specifically assessed using the 4th and 8th grade science assessments, Regents' assessments, some AP assessments in grade 10 and IB assessments in grades 11 and 12.


The K-5 Science Program uses an inquiry-based approach that allows our young students to wonder about the world around them using their senses and natural curiosity.

Grade K: Weather and Clmate, Forces and Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems:  Plants and Animals and Ecosystems (New NYSSLS:  New York State Science Learning Standards)

Grade 1: Space Systems, Waves:  Sound and Light   (New NYSSLS:  New York State Science Learning Standards)
Grade 2: Similarities and Differences Among Plants and Animals, Balancing and Weighing, Air and Weather, and Pebbles, Sand and Silt

Grade 3: Human Body, Structure of Life, Forces in Motion, and Buoyancy
Grade 4: Magnetism and Electricity, Measurement, Plants, Rocks and Minerals, and Astronomy
Grade 5: The Microscopic World, The Scientific Method, and Classification

Required Assessments:

At the end of grade 4, students are assessed on the Elementary (K-4) New York State Science Core Curriculum through the Grade 4 Elementary-Level Science Test which contains both written and performance-based tasks.


The Harrison Central School District 6-8 Science Program provides students with a comprehensive study of the life and physical sciences. Students begin to study for deeper understanding of concepts and hone their skills in the laboratory in an effort to spark a love for science and to prepare them for the more rigorous high school science program.

Grade 6: Introduction to Physical Science (New NYSSLS:  New York State Science Learning Standards)
Grade 7: Life Science: The Scientific Method, The Metric System and Measurement, Life Characteristics, Microscopes and Cells, Cell Transport, Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis, Cell Division and Reproduction, Genetics, Classification, Evolution and The Body Systems
Grade 8: Physical Science: Chemistry: Advanced Study of Matter, The Periodic Table of Elements and Chemical Reactions, Advanced Study of Energy, Earth Science: Rocks and Minerals, Crustal Movement, Weather and Climate and Astronomy, Physics: Forces and Motion

Required Assessments:

At the end of grade 8, students are assessed on the Intermediate (5-8) New York State Science Core Curriculum through the Grade 8 Intermediate-Level Science Test which contains both written and performance-based tasks.

The Harrison Central School District 9-12 Science Program provides students with a variety of science course offerings in the areas of biology, chemistry, earth science and physics. Students are both challenged and intrigued through an in-depth study of these subjects helping to prepare them for their entry into the adult world and/or future studies in the science field.

Grade 9: Biology
Grade 10: Earth Science, Chemistry and Foundations in College Chemistry
Grade 11: Chemistry,  Earth Science, IB Biology HL Year 1, IB Biology SL, IB Physics SL and HL Year 1, Conceptual Chemistry and Astronomy
Grade 12: IB Biology SL, IB Biology HL Year 2, IB Physics SL and HL Year 2, IB Physics SL Year 1, Astronomy, Anatomy & Physiology and Forensics
Grade 10, 11 and 12: Harrison Science Research

Required Assessments:

The following curricula are assessed through Regents' assessments:
     - Living Environment (Biology), Earth Science, Chemistry, and Physics.
IB Physics and IB Biology are assessed through International Baccalaureate exams.



Ms. Joan O'Keeffe
Director of K-12 Science


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