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Welcome to Harrison High School


The Big Read - HHS Summer Reading

With the notion of self improvement and community building in mind, Harrison High School is continuing for a second consecutive year with the effort of a “Common Reading Program” where students in all grade levels read a common text during the summer. Upon returning to school in the fall, this text is used as a “cornerstone text” for conversations and activities that aim to unify the students, parents, faculty, and staff of the Harrison High School community.

Please click here for information regarding this year's selection. 

AP World History and AP Chemistry - Summer Assignments

Students who will be taking AP World History and/or AP Chemistry in the fall are required to complete assignments during the summer months.  Below are the assignments that need to be completed before school begins in September.

AP World History 

APWH Summer Assignment

AP Chemistry

AP Chemistry Summer Assignment

AP Chemistry -Naming Elements Assignment

AP Chemistry - Sample Note Taking

IB English Year 1 and Year 2 - Summer Reading

In addition to The Sunflower, please see below for IB ELA year 1 and year 2 assignments.

IB HL Year 1 - Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
IB HL Year 2 - Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard

IB History of the Americas Year 1 - Summer Reading

All assignments are available on MyBigCampus
Assignment summary

Eric Foner’s Give me Liberty!  Chapter 2
Eric Foner’s Give me Liberty!  Chapter 4
Eric Foner’s Give me Liberty!  Chapter 5

August  2014

Dear Harrison Community,

We know the feeling don’t we? The calendar is showing mid-August and we’re torn. With each cooler morning a flash of melancholy rises in our hearts, secure in the knowledge summer must soon end. And often in the same synapse, blasts of adrenalin strike as we visualize September. It’s a clockwork process of renewal only students, parents, teachers, and school personnel know best, yes?

But melancholy quickly gives way to anticipation as our minds pick up the scents and sounds so familiar to the start of school: the smell of new clothes in fitting rooms, sharpened pencils,  school mailings, Staples commercials, and once dormant bus engines now roaring off in the distance- reminding us it’s almost time. Like a New Year’s Eve celebration, we begin to focus on ourselves and make the resolutions of how we’re going to do it better this year.

Students are looking forward to catching up with friends, sharing schedules, meeting new teachers, and getting caught up in the excitement and potential of a new school year. Teachers stand wondering if their students absorbed the lessons of last year and are coming back to class a little wiser, a little more grown up, definitely eager to learn, and maybe…. happy to see them, too?

Parents re-engage the work of supporting their child’s academic pursuits, from deciphering and coordinating  pick up and drop off schedules to reinstituting homework times, while parents of seniors begin that other rite of passage- college applications! And some enjoy some well-earned quiet time - at least for a little while.

It’s all a part of the experience and here’s hoping you’re savoring all of it. We’re looking forward to another excellent year together, and all of us at Harrison High School are privileged to be a part of your family’s journey.

Enjoy the remaining weeks of summer.


 Dr. Steven T. Siciliano

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