Administrative Directory
Thursday March 26, 2015
Superintendent of Schools Louis N.Wool, Ed.D. 630-3021
Assistant Superintendent for Business Robert Salierno 630-3008
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum Michael Greenfield 630-3322
Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Brian Ladewig, Ed.D. 630-3319
Director of Special Education Susan Lockhart 630-3027
Supervisor of Secondary Special Education Karen Jordan 630-3017
Supervisor of Elementary Special Education Michelle Salerno 630-3024
Director of Health, Physical Education & Athletics Stewart Hanson 630-3125
Director of LOTE/ ESL Francesco L. Fratto 630-3147
Director of English Language Arts Marina Moran 630-3384
Director of Mathematics Dennis Kortright 630-3383
Director of Science Joan O'Keeffe 630-3146
Director of Social Studies Lawrence Paska, Ph.D. 630-3148
Director of Fine and Performing Arts Lynn Fusco 630-3043
Director of Technology Brian Seligman 630-3389
Interim Supervisor of Guidance Robert Sweeney 630-3345
Elementary Education Supervisor Lynn Holcomb 630-3385
Director of Facilities and Operations Lenny Purcell 630-3018
Principal, Harrison High School Steven Siciliano, Ed.D. 630-3090
Asst. Principal, Harrison High School Laurie Griffo 630-3120
Asst. Principal, Harrison High School Lawrence Mastrota 630-3119
Principal, Louis M. Klein Middle School Scott Fried 630-3031
Asst. Principal, Louis M. Klein Middle School Megan Gleason 630-3034
Asst. Principal, Louis M. Klein Middle School Adam Gutterman 630-3039
Principal, Harrison Avenue School Valerie Hymes 630-3190
Principal, Parsons Memorial School Mark Woodard 630-3220
Principal, Samuel J. Preston School Jeremy Barker 630-3150
Principal, Purchase School Robert Kalman 630-3170
Superintendent's Office     835-5893
Curriculum & Instruction     835-5893
Human Resources     835-2950
Business Office     835-2715
Special Education Office     777-0237
Technology Office     835-4557
Athletics Office     835-3917
Harrison High School Office     835-5471
Louis M. Klein Middle School (Guidance)     777-1346
Harrison Avenue School Office     835-4311
Parsons Memorial School Office     835-4657
Samuel J. Preston School Office     761-7166
Purchase School Office     946-0286
Buildings & Grounds Office     777-0348