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Welcome to the Harrison Central School District Advocacy page.  The information on this page is designed to connect you with our elected officials and to provide you with up-to-date information about the legislative issues impacting public education.

Governor Cuomo has called for the current tax cap formula to be made permanent as a part of NYS Budget. However, the current tax cap formula makes it impossible for school districts to engage in thoughtful long-term planning to protect the interests of public school students and our taxpayers. We believe reforming the current tax cap before it becomes permanent law will have an enormous impact on the District’s ability to engage in long term fiscal and educational planning.

The Board of Education of the Harrison Central School District strongly supports enactment of a permanent tax cap which provides both taxpayers and school districts with the predictability of future tax payments and revenue, while at the same time ensuring that every child in a public school in New York State receives a high-quality education.

We need your immediate help to let our local legislators know that members of the Harrison community support a permanent tax cap ONLY if it includes the following common sense reforms:

  1. Changing the allowable levy limit to at least two percent or CPI, whichever is greater;
  2. Eliminating the possibility of negative tax levy limits;
  3. Allowing for exemptions like enrollment increases and support for English Language Learners;
  4. Exemptions for safety and security initiatives. School safety and security measures should be exempted from the state’s tax cap formula so that each community can make local decisions on safety spending, such as the hiring of additional security personnel;
  5. Implementing tax cap corrections which the legislature previously approved: excluding BOCES capital expenses from calculations and including Payments in Lieu of Taxes in growth factor determinations.

As you are aware, the Harrison Central School District has never presented a budget above the tax cap formula. However, we were only able to remain within the tax cap by eliminating programs that were supported by our community.

We encourage you to reach out to our elected officials by clicking on the link, which will take you to our Voter Voice page where you can quickly send a letter.

If you wish to reach out to our local legislators personally, please let them know that you are grateful for their support of public education, but that changes must be made to the tax cap before it is made permanent. Our State Senator is Shelley Mayer, who can be reached at (914) 934-5250 and our State Assembly member is David Buchwald, who can be reached at. (914) 244-4450.


Thank you for your support of the students of the Harrison Central School District.
Board of Education: Kelly Mulvoy Mangan, President;  Lindy Wolverton, Vice President; Trustees: Dennis Di Lorenzo, Rachel Estroff, Kelly Kozak, Placido Dino Puccio, Robert C. Sullivan Jr.
  Governor Andrew Cuomo
The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo

Governor of New York State
NYS State Capitol Building Albany, NY 12224

New York State Senator Shelley Mayer
District Office

222 Grace Church Street Suite 300
Port Chester, NY 10573
(914) 934-5250

Albany Office
Legislative Office Building 615
Albany, NY 12247

(518) 455-2031

New York State Assemblyman David Buchwald

District Office
125-131 East Main Street Suite 204
Mount Kisco, NY 10549
(914) 244-4450

Albany Office
Legislative Office Building 326
Albany, NY 12248

(518) 455-5397

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