403(B) Retirement Plan

403(b) Retirement Savings Account

Click here for an important message from the OMNI Group about a 403B processing fee that takes effect July 1, 2011.



Employees may elect to make pre-tax contributions to a 403B retirement savings account, otherwise referred to as a tax deferred account (TDA) or tax sheltered account (TSA).  Pre-tax contributions made to a 403B retirement savings account may be withdrawn without penalty once a retired employee reaches the age of 59.5. Depending on an employee's current age, there are annual contribution limits that are established by the Internal Revenue Service. 

The District's 403B benefit plan is administered by the OMNI Group, which provides a number of resources on its website, including a link to frequently asked questions.  To set up a 403B retirement savings account or to change annual pre-tax contribution amounts, click here for the Omni 403B Enrollment/Change Form.

The District has enrolled in OMNI’s Limited Preferred Provider Program (P3). Please click on the the following link to get the list of providers and for more information:



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 If you have questions, you may contact the OMNI Group customer service department  or contact the Business Office at 630-3013.


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