Mandatory Compliance Training

 What is mandatory compliance training?                                                         

State and federal regulations require that all school district employees complete mandatory compliance training every year on a variety of topics.  The list of required topics has been recently updated to include:

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Blood-borne Pathogens
  • Mental Health Awareness NEW!
  • School Safety NEW!

The compliance training associated with these topics is intended to provide employees with information to promote a safe and healthy work environment.  While all employees must complete compliance training annually on the topics listed above, the District may also require that certain employee groups complete training related to other topics that are relevant to their work responsibilities.  When you follow the directions below to log into Global Compliance Network (GCN), you will see a list of the tutorials required for your position

How will faculty and staff members complete the compliance training?

GCN provides online training tutorials that employees can complete using any computer that has an internet connection, internal or external speakers, and the latest version of Adobe Macromedia Flashplayer™.  Employees will log into the GCN web site and complete the required training tutorials according to the deadlines established by the Office of Human Resources.  The time needed to complete each online tutorial varies from 7 to 30 minutes, and employees may complete the required tutorials in one session or in separate sessions.

What are the steps for logging on to the GCN website to complete the compliance training?

The first time you log into the GCN website, you will need to follow these steps to create a unique user ID:

  1. Go to (you may be prompted to download the latest version of Adobe Macromedia Flashplayer™ if your computer does not have the most current version already installed)
  2. Click "LOGIN"
  3. Enter the organization code for HCSD: 23595 (you will need to enter this organization code each time you login)
  4. Click "Create a New Account"
  5. Type your last name and click "Search"; select your name and click "Import This Information"
  6. Create a user ID that you will remember, such as your last name and the first initial of your first name (e.g., smithj) and click "Check Account Availability"
  7. Review your personal information, which is already entered into the program, and click "Submit"
  8. Use the drop-down menu to select the tutorial to be completed and follow the directions on the screen

The next time you log into the GCN website, you will only need to enter the organization code for HCSD (23595) and your unique user ID.

Contact the Office of Human Resources with any questions:


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