Civil Service Positions
Sunday February 26, 2017

Civil Service Job Listings
Nationally Recognized District of Excellence Seeks Outstanding Candidates Committed to Student Achievement and Success
Apply in writing by sending a cover letter and resume to:
The Office of Human Resources, 50 Union Avenue, Harrison, NY 10528

Current Vacancies



Type of Position

Application Deadline

Part-time School Aide Parsons Elementary School Probationary 03/06/2017
Maintenance Mechanic (Buildings) District-wide Probationary 02/17/2017
Part-time Parking Lot Attendant District-wide Probationary 02/08/2017
Part-time School Aide Harrison Ave Elementary School Probationary 01/31/2017
Secretary (School Districts) (12 months) Office of Buildings & Grounds Probationary 01/31/217


Harrison Central School District is an
 Equal Opportunity