IB Diploma Programme (DP)


Harrison High School

An International Baccalaureate World School

 Christopher Tyler, Ph.D., IB Coordinator  


What is the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme?

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme is a challenging two-year curriculum for juniors and seniors designed to promote multi-disciplinary content mastery, critical thinking skills, global awareness, and personal efficacy. Students who successfully complete all of the program requirements receive an IB Diploma, recognized internationally by leading universities as a standard of rigor. Students may also take individual IB designated courses for credit and earn certificates of advanced study. Many universities offer college credit for successful completion of these courses in high school. Completion assists students in the competitive college admissions process.

Central to the philosophy of the IB programme, IB Diploma candidate-students are required to take six subjects (usually one from each subject group) plus they write a 4,000 word (about 8-pages) Extended Essay (EE), complete a course in Theory of Knowledge (TOK), and engage in a number of Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) projects.

Extended Essay (EE): The extended essay affords students the opportunity to deeply investigate a topic of individual interest acquainting them with the independent research and writing skills expected at the university level. 

Theory of Knowledge (TOK): The interdisciplinary TOK course serves as a philosophical and theoretical framework for the program. Students explore the nature of knowledge across disciplines and develop an appreciation for the cultural context of meaning.

Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS): Participation in the school’s CAS program encourages students to be involved in artistic pursuits, sports and community service work, thus fostering their appreciation for life outside the academic arena. 

Must Students Work Towards the Full Diploma to Enroll in IB Courses?

We encourage all students to take one or more IB courses up to the full IB Diploma Programme. We understand that some students may wish to enroll in a limited number of IB courses. Students are encouraged to enroll in IB courses that fit individual need, interest, and readiness.


International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program Contacts 

IB Diploma Program

Christopher Tyler, Ph.D., Coordinator
630-3108 tylerc@harrisoncsd.org

IB Office located in the Counseling Office
630-3098, Jacqueline DeGrazia, Secretary 

Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS)
Allison Blunt, CAS Coordinator
630-3108 blunta@harrisoncsd.org


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