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The first week of May is upon us. During the next two months we work toward closure and renewal simultaneously, on one hand wrapping up, on the other, anticipating September. As we know, this is the professional life cycle of an educator, one that repeats in a familiar yet unique way every school year. In Harrison, we take a measure of pride that the summer months are structured to develop active reflection and practical, intellectually stimulating professional learning.
This year’s program is among the finest we’ve offered. It is meaningfully informed by the district’s core values and designed to support implementation of the district’s evolving strategic goals: personalization, social-emotional development and assessment through multiple measures of learning. You will find a continuing focus on long-term instructional priorities including curriculum design, literacy strategies, academic language, quality assessment practices and differentiated learning.
Among more than 30 courses, there will be two district-led institutes offered during the last week of June - one targeting elementary ELA assessment and, the other, exploring authentic learning in the IB Middle Years Program. There are extensive, teacher-led opportunities to engage in professional study exploring challenging pedagogical issues and innovative classroom practices. Curriculum design teams will be collaborating on projects that span all grade levels and disciplines. And, as we enter the second year of the IB Middle Years Program, secondary teachers will also be invited to attend formal IB authorized training.
I’m most proud of the way professional development supports sustained, collaborative and job-embedded learning. During the summer, Harrison’s lab schools and academies afford teachers an opportunity to transfer theory to practice, serving students who have a range of academic needs and interests – High School Summer Academy, Bridges to Literacy, Writing Institute and IB Extended Essay Workshop.
Attached please find the course catalog for your review and summer planning. I encourage you to carefully consider your department, building and personal goals prior to the enrollment period. During the past several years, we have had more than 500 registrants, the majority enrolling during the first week of registration. We will continue to limit enrollment to three (3) in-service courses/study groups per teacher during the first two weeks of registration. This restriction is designed to ensure that all teachers have an equitable opportunity to enroll in high demand courses. Your cooperation is appreciated.
Online registration through MyLearningPlan will open on Thursday, May 10th, at 9pm.
I’d like to express a heartfelt thank you to all of the members of our leadership team, teacher-facilitators and my secretary who have invested countless hours to bring this year’s in-service program to fruition.
Please feel free to contact my office if you have any questions.

Michael Greenfield
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction
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