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Office of Transportation


50 Union Ave., Harrison, NY 10528
Phone: (914) 630-3303
Fax: (914) 630-3077

Transportation Schedules will be distributed on or about August 23rd

Gene George
Purchasing/Transportation Agent
(914) 630-3015
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Maria Poleski
Transportation Supervisor
(914) 630-3303
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Harrison High School                 
Louis M. Klein Middle School      
Elementary Public Schools          
7:45 AM – 2:30 PM
7:50 AM – 2:40 PM
8:55 AM – 3:05 PM

Request for Private/ Parochial School Transportation 2014-2015
Application for Filing After April 1st
Request for Change in Transportation Form


For the safety and well-being of our students, all buses utilized by the district are equipped with digital video cameras that are active whenever they are in operation.


Schools can be closed due to adverse weather or other emergencies.  School openings can be delayed.  During a delay, schools will be open one or two hours after their regularly scheduled times.  In the event of a closing, delay or school emergency, Student families will be notified by an automated phone call from the district.  The venues listed below are used for public notification: 

Notification is posted on the District Website,
Radio Station WFAS, White Plains, NY 1230 AM and 103.9 FM
Radio Station WCBS, New York, NY, 880 AM
Radio Station WHUD, Peekskill, NY 100.7 FM
Radio Station WVOX, New Rochelle, NY 1460 AM
Cablevision News 12
Cable Channel 74 – Harrison Central School District 

NoteIf your child receives transportation to private/parochial schools, your transportation will follow that of the Harrison Schools.  When Harrison Schools are closed due to inclement weather, your child will not receive transportation to his/her school, even if his/her school is open or delayed.If a bus is late, or if you wish to inquire as to its location, please contact First Student directly at 914-668-2700.


The Harrison Central School District will provide transportation to in-district schools, as well as private/parochial schools for the following residents:

    1. Kindergarten – 5th grade who reside no less than one-half (1/2) mile from the school they legally attend;

    2. Students in grades 6 – 12 who reside no less than 1 mile from the school they legally attend;


School bus stops and pick-up times are established by the Transportation Department.  For the safety of the students, only students assigned to the bus route are allowed on the bus, and each student will be picked up and discharged only at designated stops.  Due to safety and insurance constraints, “play dates” are prohibited.

The Role of the Students 

At the bus stop, students should: 

    1. remain on the side of the road and be careful of approaching traffic;

    2. refrain from pushing and shoving while waiting and boarding;

    3. respect private property and the rights of property owners;

    4. board the bus in an orderly fashion, after it has come to a complete stop;

    5. be alert when leaving the bus;

    6. cross in front of the bus, never in back of the bus; and

    7. be at the bus top at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time.

On the bus, students should: 

    1. cooperate fully with the bus driver and recognize that he/she is in charge and responsible for their safety;

    2. use the hand rail when getting on and off the bus;

    3. take seats as quickly as possible, use the seat belt, and remain seated throughout the trip;

    4. make room on the seat for three riders;

    5. keep arms, head, etc. inside the windows;

    6. hold books and other belongings on their laps (packages which can be held on the students lap are permitted; large packages, school projects, musical instruments and sports equipment may not be carried on the bus)

    7. refrain from making unnecessary noise;

    8. make certain that no objects are thrown in the bus or out the windows;
      refrain from kicking, fighting, or in any way damaging anyone or anything on the bus;

    9. help keep the bus clean and neat; and
      refrain from smoking on the bus.

While on the bus, students should realize that any distraction to the driver might result in serious injury to all.  The bus driver should report any irregularities to the Building Principal and the Supervisor of Transportation.  The privilege of bus transportation will be denied to any student who endangers the safety and welfare of students riding on a school bus.

The Role of the Driver 

The school bus driver has the responsibility of providing safe and efficient bus service while transporting the students in his/her charge.

In regard to operating regulations, the bus driver must:

    1. comply with all state laws and regulations regarding bus driver qualifications and safety;

    2. observe local traffic laws, up to a maximum of 55 mph;

    3. comply with the law requiring buses to come to a complete stop, open exit door and the driver’s window, observe and listen in both directions before crossing railroad tracks;

    4. never back up the bus unnecessarily;

    5. make no stops other than those listed on the route slips;

    6. not carry more students than the prescribed capacity of the bus;

    7. allow only authorized students to ride the bus;

    8. park only in designated areas for loading and unloading on school grounds, ensuring that there is no walking room between vehicles;

    9. not allow students to enter or leave the bus while it is in motion;

    10. not allow students to put heads or arms out of open window;

    11. keep the school bus halted with red signal lights flashing when discharging students, and until such students cross the road (if necessary);

    12. remain in the school bus when students are on board, except in cases of emergency, and then only after following prescribed safety procedures;

    13. and not permit smoking on school buses


The Role of the Building Principal 

The Building Principal plays a key role in matters of student safety and conduct on school buses. 

To carry out his/her responsibilities, the Principal will:

    1. ensure that all staff members, students, and parents understand the rules, regulations and policies relating to the district transportation program;

    2. prepare students for boarding the buses safely at scheduled times, and provide adequate supervision at the time of bus boarding and discharging at the school;

    3. and revoke the privilege of transportation of students when infraction of rules and regulations necessitate such action.

The Role of the Parent(s) or Guardian 

For the safety and welfare of all students, parents must make sure their children understand these rules and regulations regarding behavior on the bus and at the bus stop.  When more than five children must wait at a single bus stop, it is recommended that a parent wait with that group.  Parents are responsible for their children’s behavior until he/she has boarded the school bus.  Once a student has boarded the bus, and only at that time, does he/she become the district’s responsibility.  Such responsibility will end when the student is delivered to the bus stop at the close of the school day. 

Students in grades 2 through 12 will be let off at the bus stop without a parent or guardian present.  Kindergarten and first grade students will not be let off the bus unless a parent or guardian is at the stop to meet him or her.  Your child will be returned to the school if a parent or guardian is not at the stop to receive him or her.  You will be responsible for picking your child up from the school.


    1. Should you decide to send your child to private/parochial school – please note the following additionalinformation:

    2. Applications MUST BE FILED ANNUALLY.  Applications may be obtained (after January 1st of each year) from the HCSD Transportation Office located at the Louis M. Klein Middle School or on line at

    3. You must file one application per child, for each school to which you apply.

    4. Applications are due, by NY State Law, no later than April 1 of each year.
      First time applicants must provide proof of residency; children entering Kindergarten must have proof of age.*

    5. Should you not know if your child has been accepted to a school or if you child has been put on a wait list, you MUST submit an application anyway.

    6. Eligibility requirements for private/parochial schools are the same as in-district schools.

    7. Transportation to private/parochial schools will start on the first full day of school in September, and will follow the private/parochial school calendar. Transportation is NOT provided on National Holidays**

    8. Only students assigned to a bus route are allowed on the bus, and each student will be picked up and discharged only at designed stops.  Due to safety and insurance constraints, “play dates” are prohibited.

* Kindergarten children must be age 5 by December 31 of the school year.

National Holidays 2014-2015:

Friday, July 4

Independence Day

Monday, September 1

Labor Day

Monday, October 13

Columbus Day

Tuesday, November 11

Veterans Day

Thursday, November 27

Thanksgiving Day

Thursday, December 25

Christmas Day

Thursday, January 1

New Year’s Day

Monday, January 19

Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Monday, February 16

Washington’s Birthday

Monday, May 25

Memorial Day