Dr. Wool Discusses Flawed NYS Educational Policies on News 12 (Video)

Dear Members of the Harrison Learning Community,
Time is short to affect the vital changes needed to limit the damage that will be done if the Education Transformation Act of 2015 is enacted on July 1; we are working to have it changed before the end of this legislative session.
Our petition has reached 20,000 signers in just over 10 days, but much more is needed if we are going to protect what is sacred about the teaching and learning process, and the relationship between students and teachers. As many of you know, this legislation will cause a narrowing of the curriculum, limit our ability to collect meaningful evidence of teacher practice, and continues to mis-use student assessment data.
I write to ask that you take three actions now, the first is to sign our petition; if you have not done so you may find it linked to our main page, or linked here  http://bit.ly/GetItRightNY . Please share this link with friends and make sure to follow up. 
Secondly, we ask that you contact your legislators by phone, email or written letter urging them to act on the points in our petition-to delay this legislation by one year, and to convene an expert panel to develop a meaningful teacher evaluation system and meaningful use of student data.
Finally, I ask that you view and share the video linked below. It is a Channel 12 Newsmaker interview with me and the president of the Yonkers teachers union. It is commercial free and runs 25 minutes and offers a clear, understandable explanations of what is at stake and why it is so important that we all act quickly to make our feelings known.
I appreciate and respect the complexity of teaching, and I am excited by the work that occurs in our district for children each and every day because of the excellent work of our teachers, and our support staff. 
Please help me in ensuring that these opportunities are maintained, and that we protect what is most vital - rich curriculum and equity of opportunity for all students – in a free public education. 

Louis N. Wool, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Harrison Central School District


Thanks for helping to support a high quality education for our children and the profession of teaching.

Important Links

Statement from Members of the New York State Assembly in support of our proposed policy changes ( read by Assemblywoman Amy Paulin's Chief of Staff Nancy Fisher)

Harrrison Central School District Board of Education APPR Resolution
http://www.harrisoncsd.org/docs/BoardofEd/Harrison Central District APPR.pdf
News Channel 12


Journal News Interview with Dr. Louis Wool and Dr. Brenda Myers regarding APPR


Journal News - School Superintendents Demand Suspension of NYS Education Act of 2015


Journal News Video-Testing-Teaching-Tenure-how all are damaged by the Education Transformation Act of 2015


Teaching, Testing and Tenure- What Will Happen if The Education Transformation Act of 2015 Remains
http://www.harrisoncsd.org/docs/teaching_testing_tenure 5 17 15.pdf 


Copy of Petition with DIgital Signatures as of June 12, 2015


Louis N. Wool, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Harrison Central School District
50 Union Avenue
Harrison, New York 10528

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FAX: 914-835-5893




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