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Flexible Spending 125 Plan


Employees may elect to make pre-tax contributions to a flexible spending account, otherwise referred to as a or 125 plan.  By contributing to a flexible spending plan, participating employees may be reimbursed for medical/health-related expenses and dependent care expenses using the pre-tax dollars they have withheld from their paycheck. 

The annual contribution limit to a flexible spending plan is $5,000 for medical/health-related expenses and $5,000 for dependent care expenses.  The flexible spending plan is administered on a calendar year basis (i.e., January 1 to December 31).  Note: Any unused funds remaining in the flexible spending plan at the end of the year are surrendered to the District.

To enroll in the flexible spending plan, complete and submit the Flexible Spending Plan Enrollment Form to the Office of Human Resources.  To change your withholding amount during the year or to change your status, complete and submit the Change in Status/Change Election Form to the Office of Human Resources.

Qualifying Medical & Health-Related Expenses

The following medical and health-related expenses qualify for reimbursement through the flexible spending plan: 

Acupuncture Alcoholism Treatment
Ambulance Services Artificial Limbs
Braille Books Chiropractors
Contact Lenses and Supplies Contraceptives (by prescription)
Co-Pays Crowns, Bridges, and Dentures
Crutches Deductibles
Dental Cleanings Dermatologists
Eye Examinations Fillings
Glasses Hearing Aids and Batteries
Home Health Care Home Imp. for Medical Purposes
Hospital Bills Insulin & Syringes
Laboratory Fees Mammography
Mental Health Care Nursing (RN/LPN)
OB/GYN Examinations Orthodontia
Orthopedic Shoes & Braces Physicals
Physical Therapy Prescriptions
Psychiatric Services Radial Keratotomy/Lasik Surgery
Seeing Eye Dog & Upkeep Sterilizations & Reversals
Substance Abuse Treatment Surgical Expenses
Telephone Equip. for the Deaf Transportation for Medical Purposes
Well-Child Care Wheelchairs 

Submitting Receipts for Reimbursement

To be reimbursed for qualifying medical and health-related expenses, employees must submit original receipts and a completed Flexible Spending Plan Reimbursement Voucher  to:

Preferred Group Plans, Inc.
P.O. Box 15136
Albany, NY 12212-5136

To contact Preferred Group Plans directly with questions, call:

1-800-573-7474 or 1-518-641-0321

Click here for more information about the Flexible Spending Plan, including a comprehensive list of the goods and services that qualify for reimbursement under the Flexible Spending Plan.

Click here for the new guidelines for over the counter drugs, as of January 1, 2011:


Flexible Spending Plan Guidelines for OTC medicines.