HHS First Year Science Research Students Win Five Awards at Westlake



Harrison High School’s Science Research students captured five awards at this year’s Westlake Science Fair competition where over 300 students from across Westchester participated.

Westlake Science Fair is designed for first year science research students to present their topic development and plan for research for the summer and/or the 2017/2018 school year.  Students are judged on their understanding of their topic and why it is important, their intended methodology, their plan for the future and on how well they present.

Harrison High School’s Sophomore award winners are as follows:

Amna Ahmad, Medicine and Health, 3rd place
Anna Cahn, Chemistry, 1st place
Bella Ferraro, Medicine and Health, 1st place
Chanha Kim, Medicine and Health, 1st place
Julia Kischkat, Behavioral Science, 2nd place

(**Not pictured Anna Cahn)


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