SJ Preston Students Find They Have Much In Common Where It Really Counts



The 2nd graders of S.J. Preston Elementary School learned that although each individual is different, we share great commonality with one another.  In their Second Grade Play, the students acted, sang, and danced to the story of The Bremen Town Musicians, a fairytale written by Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm in the 1800s.  Although the story is written by the same individuals who crafted Cinderella, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White, it was adapted for the Harrison stage by Preston music teacher Kathryn Tvenge.

The Bremen Town Musiciansis a story about four animals (donkey, dog, cat, and rooster) who work hard until they become old and are no longer wanted by their owners.  They leave their homes and meet each other on the road where they decide to travel to Bremen Town - where animals are said to "sing, dance, and make music all day long."  Along the way, they work together to fight off some robbers. 

The characters discover that although they are different, they have much in common. “What we look like doesn’t count an ounce,” the students sang to the audience. The final song of the show included all characters on stage singing and dancing to the song "We've Got Lots in Common."

SJ Preston Tech Crew


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