HHS Debate Team Finishes with 14 Victories



Congratulations to the Harrison High School Debate Team on an outstanding 2016-2017 season.  This year, Harrison debaters won 14 tournaments – eight in varsity and six in novice, had 4 runner-up finishes, and claimed top speaker honors four times. They earned 16 bids to the Tournament of Champions and qualified two students to NCFL (National Catholic Forensic League) Nationals and two to NSDA (National Speech and Debate Association) Nationals.

The National Speech and Debate Association ranks Harrison students as 3 of the top 20 Lincoln-Douglas debaters in the nation: Lauren Cole '18 is ranked #18, Matt Zinman '17 is ranked #11, and Raffi Piliero '17 is ranked #1.

The team’s wins are as follows:


1. Byram Hills tournament

2. Greenhill Round Robin

3. Greenhill tournament

4. Scarsdale

5. Princeton

6. Ridge

7. Newark

8. New York State NSDA Districts


1. Regis

2. Scarsdale

3. Stuyvesant

4. Newark (co-championship for two Harrison debaters)

5. Lexington

6. Hendrick Hudson

2nd place at:

1. Byram Hills Round Robin
2. Apple Valley Round Robin

3. Emory

4. Kandi King Round Robin (Houston, TX)

 Top speaker at:

1. Bronx

2. Apple Valley

3. Newark

4. UPenn Round Robin

Seniors Sammi O'Reilly and Matt Zinman successfully completed their debate careers; Sammi's accomplishments this year included elimination rounds at Yale and Scarsdale, and Matt's included earning TOC bids at Greenhill, Princeton, and Newark. Sammi will attend Washington University this fall, and Matt will attend Columbia University.

Senior Raffi Piliero, along with freshman Ethan Voskoff, competed at NSDA Nationals. Raffi's achievements this year included winning the Greenhill tournament and round robin, Scarsdale, Princeton, and Newark, and claiming top speaker honors at Bronx, Apple Valley, Newark, and the UPenn Round Robin. Raffi will attend Georgetown University this fall.

We wish our seniors the best of luck, and look forward to seeing the team continue to succeed next season!


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