Harrison High School Students Find Friends An Ocean Away



Maria Battipaglia and Dana Jakubowski's Italian classes at Harrison High School have “electronically" paired up with Italian high school students in Bisceglie, Puglia. They found a partner in AJ Fitzgerald, a Harrison alum studying in Italy on a Fulbright Scholarship, who set up the pen-pal exchange as a part of his Fulbright scholarship work.

The students from both countries exchange emails, and have also contacted each other on social media.  They contact each other about once every 2 weeks. HHS Students and Bisceglie students have been making cultural videos for each other, exchanging information about multiple topics.

-The Italian videos have been about Food in Puglia, Traditional Pugliese Dance, Desserts in Puglia, Italian Sports Teams.

-The Harrison videos have been about Downtown Harrison, the Shopping Mall, Popular American Sports, and Places in Harrison High School.

Some of the HHS students have reported that their knowledge of written Italian has improved since remaining in contact with their Italian pen-pals! We hope to build long-lasting international friendships!


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