HHS Students Create GOBAL – Give Our Bottles Another Life

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Students at Harrison High School took the initiative to solve a recycling problem they saw at school.  HHS senior Chanha Kim noticed in his freshman year that hundreds of students purchased or brought water bottles into school every day and very few were being recycled.  Most of the classrooms, he noticed, had two trash bins – one for general trash and one for paper to be recycled. 

He noticed that students were confused about where to discard their bottles and some ended up throwing them in with the general trash.  Others assumed that if they placed them in with the papers they would be recycled and separated from the papers.

“It takes a village”.  Chanha enlisted the help of Mark Rossi, Alessandro Solimeo, and David Choi and together they created their own program to raise awareness about recycling bottles called GOBAL – Give Our Bottles Another Life.  They designed and created their own GOBAL recycling bins and began installing the recycling bins for water bottles around Harrison High School – 1 recycle bin per every 3 classrooms.

The team collects the recycled water bottles and retrieves the 5 cents container deposit per bottle to raise money for installing more bins in more classrooms.  Once every classroom has a GOBAL bin, they plan to invest the recycling funds into additional energy-related projects in school.