HHS Spanish 3 Students Visit El Barrio Museum



Harrison High School Spanish 3 students visited the exhibit for the Three Kings Day: Multicultural Connections Program at the El Barrio Museum in Harlem, New York.

The HHSstudents learned about the traditions of the Three Kings celebration that included Taíno and Caribbean influences, and explored the unique way in which the holiday has been shaped by the identity of El Barrio’s Puerto Rican community. During this culturally engaging program, students heard stories, music, and art of the holiday and explored the fantastic origin of the 14 foot puppets that are used annually in the Puerto Rican Day Parade in NYC. 

They also studied stop motion animation which tells the story of the holiday’s tradition in 'El Barrio' of New York, and engaged in an interactive activity related to the tradition of the holiday.  After the museum tour and interactive activity, the students dined in El Barrio Cafe, where they used their Spanish language skills and ate a tasty lunch of traditional foods from Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Dominican Republic.


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