Spring Planetarium Show is Out of This World

Spring Planetarium Show is Out of This World

Students in Harrison High School's Astronomy Club have been hard at work this year preparing and hosting events for the elementary students as well as members of the Harrison community.  Throughout the year, club members have learned how to use the planetarium equipment and research concepts of the universe.

On Friday April 26th, the Harrison High School Astronomy Club hosted their Spring Planetarium show, designed to take the audience on a journey through the history of our exploration in space.  The show, which discussed various missions, their discoveries and advancements that NASA has made throughout the years, was written and directed by the Astronomy Club students.  The show was a great success due to the hard work of the Astronomy Club members especially our Technology Control Crew: Adil Rahman, Kamal Rahman and Kapil Modi, and our Speaking Hosts: Keanu Valente, Eileen Dockery, Andrew Rossi and Alistair Xhayet.

The Club also hosted a local Girl Scout troop working to earn an astronomy badge.  At the end of the planetarium presentation, the club members taught the Girls Scouts how to use the telescopes and showed them various lenses for viewing different celestial objects. 

In addition to hosting 1st grade students from all four elementary schools earlier this year, the Astronomy Club will collaborate with the IB physics students at the annual Physics Extravaganza in June and take every 4th grade on a journey to each planet of our solar system!

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