New Harrison Field Day Event is Building Connections


Harrison High School was excited to host the first ever “Harrison Field Day: Building Connections” event.  Organized by Harrison High School Junior Molly Steinberg, this unique event invited the District’s K-12 FASE students to participate in many different types of events throughout the day.  The event saw students in every grade level participate.

“I organized this field day after seeing gaps between the FASE students and other students in our school,” said Steinberg.  “I envisioned a school where the FASE students would not feel as if they were different from any other students in our school and I felt that one way to provoke this change was by building connections with the students."

The day was a rare perfect Saturday full of sun and good cheer. Students had the opportunity to build on skills in a supportive and encouraging environment while building bonds of friendship and respect.

“As a result of the field day, each student was able to form a unique relationship and be able to say hi to a new person in the hallway,” said Steinberg.

“I do feel that the volunteers were able to benefit as much, if not more, than the FASE students.  Watching everyone in action made me realize that this day was just about being happy and having fun.  With all the stress high school students experience, we were able to spend a few hours and forget about everything else in the world.”

“It was really a great day,” said Harrison High School Special Education teacher Brittany White.  “Our volunteers were amazing and very hands on.  It was great to see connections being made between students, parents, and teachers.”

“I think this is something that people need to find more in their lives and just being able to put a smile on someone’s face is an amazing feeling.  I look forward to continuing this event next year, and seeing the impacts it has on students all over the school,” said Steinberg.


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