HHS Student Selected to Showcase Work at Bruce Museum


Congratulations to HHS junior Jerusalem Castro whose work “Up Close” has been selected as part of the iCreate exhibit at the Bruce Museum.  The Harrison High School Fine Arts Department was proud to have 24 students submit work for this exhibit.

The Bruce Museum spotlights the creative energy and vitality of fine art created by regional high school students in the 8th annual iCreate exhibition, according to their website. Opening on June 9 and continuing through August 12, 2018, the show features approximately 45 jury-selected artworks created by students competing for cash prizes and includes a catalog and digital presentation of all participating students’ work.

“The main intent for my piece was to explore how objects can be abstracted and observed from a new perspective by examining them up close,” said Jerusalem.  “My work “Up Close” specifically focuses on the patterning, coloring and texture of butterfly wings.”

“In my studies, I have examined various artists to help inform my work. I was particularly intrigued by Georgia O’Keefe’s paintings. Her ability to help the audience engage with the natural world by “zooming in” led me to experiment with this idea.”

“I chose to use watercolor for my painting because butterfly wings are colorful and have some level of transparency. I thought this medium would work well to mimic those qualities because it can be manipulated to be either opaque or transparent. The scale of the work is small to create an intimate experience between the audience and the piece. My hope is that the viewer is invited to interact with butterfly wings in a new way and appreciate the details of small things that may be taken for granted in everyday life," she said.

Approximately 120 pieces from the digital submissions were selected for a live judging on May 14.  Finalists were chosen by a jury of professionals in the arts, who determined the artworks for exhibition after several rounds of voting. Cash prizes will be awarded from $500 to $100 for the top 7 honorees as well as a $250 people’s choice award. The opening reception and awards evening will be held Thursday, June 7, 2018, 5:30 - 7:30 pm.

The exhibition is underwritten by the Charles M. and Deborah G. Royce Exhibition Fund with support from the Steven and Alexandra Cohen Foundation.  For additional information, call the Bruce Museum at (203) 869-0376 or visit the website at brucemuseum.org

The Harrison High School students who submitted artwork were:

Julia Alcoba
Michael Barletta
Jordan Blair
Giselle Bravo-Brown
Anna Cahn
Jaclyn Ciaramella
Anne-Marie Dillon
Dennis DiLorenzo
Adriana Duffy
Deana Giambo
Ciara Gougherty
Madeline Kempsey
Madeline Krauss
Christina Kulinski
Kevin Lee
Ella Napack
Malik Nieves
Suraya Ortiz
Caitlin Policarpio
Kelly Quinn
Rebeca Reinoso
Jose Cristaldo Ruiz
Justin Santiago


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