HHS Science Research Symposium and End-of Year Competitions


The Harrison High School Science Research program held their 16th Annual Science Symposium in the Student Union.  This event is the culmination of the year’s work on individual science projects ranging from Year 1 freshman and sophomores through Year 3 or 4.

The evening began with an introduction to the Harrison Science Research program.  Parents and students were then invited to learn more about students' projects with one-on-one discussions.  The evening concluded with Harrison Science Research seniors presenting their body of work to the audience.

To learn more about the seniors Research projects and awards they have won through their career, please click on the link below:

Harrison Science Research 16th Annual Symposium 2018

Harrison Science Research students finished the year in strong fashion at the Tri-County Fair and the Westlake Science Fair.

Tri-County Science Fair

Julia Kischkat - 1st place
Danielle Bucci - 2nd place
Anna Cahn - 3rd place

Westlake Science Fair

Ten Harrison High School Science Research students participated on the Westlake Science Fair - a unique science fair that focuses on first and second year students.  Harrison students competed in four categories: Behavior, Plant Sciences, Computer Sciences, and Engineering.

In the Category of Behavior:
Ava Franco  - 1st place
Joey Robb  - 2nd place
Haley Amann, Victoria Lendino, and Michela Rawson-  3rd Place.

In the Category of Plant Sciences:
Sara McSweeney - 1st place
Julie D'Onofrio – 2nd  place 

In the Category of Computer Sciences:
Isaque Brandao - 2nd place

In the Category of Engineering:
Nellie Fisher - 2nd place
Shari Gropper - 3rd place


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