LMK 8th Grade Elective Art Creates Collaborative Mural


Eighth graders at Louis M. Klein Middle School set out to create a large scale mural as part of their 8th Grade Art Elective class that would encompass many of the ideas and attributes of the IB learner while also learning about murals and the muralists who create them.  They began with the initial premise that communication is a cycle of interpreting and representing ideas.

“We started the process for this large scale, collaborative work by gaining knowledge and understanding of murals and muralists,” said LMK art teacher Ashley Harvey.  “We discovered that, due to the permanent and public nature of their work, muralists are risk-takers.  Muralists manage practical challenges, such as being able to cover an expansive wall with conceptual challenges such as creating a work of art that can speak to an entire community.”

The concept for the LMK mural began with the “risk-taker” and expanded to include all 10 of the IB Learner Profile attributes. The 10 traits are :

  • Inquirers
  • Knowledgeable
  • Thinkers
  • Communicators
  • Principled
  • Open-Minded
  • Caring
  • Risk-Takers
  • Balanced
  • Reflective

The group chose this concept because they as a school believe these traits can help individuals and groups become responsible members of their community. LMK is full of reminders of these attributes, but the mural is an opportunity to really engage people in thinking about them.

“At the onset of this project, we brainstormed images that could visually represent the attributes of an IB learner,” said Ms. Harvey.  “Individually, we created proposals and sketches for the mural which are displayed here. Although many mural proposals were full and complete ideas, we decided to combine multiple ideas into a single composition.”

The Louis M. Klein Middle School Artists are:

Mrs. Harvey Period 3 Artists

Dante Barraza
Reina Bleifuss
Julia Bonaiuto
Julia Brandl
Dean Carotenuto
Robert Cirillo
Brandon Escobar
Peter Fasciglione
Mark Infante
Kayla Sanchez

Mrs. Harvey Period 8 Artists

Jill Andrews
Alejandro Cardenas
Natavia Dickinson
Mercedes Flores
Jake Herrera
Yusuke Hieda
Isabella Iannacchino
Karynn Lino
Nicholas LoDolce
Astrid Maldonado
Becky Mapon
Cal McCarthy
Eleanor Millard
Marina Misic
Ahmed Mustafa
Georgia Robb
Alex Rosenstock
Amira Tammam
Jennifer Vataj
Evan Wilkins


Mrs. Long Period 3 Artists

Jasmine Cabral
Ava Catalic
Sam Estroff-Liberti
Gianna Fuca
JJ Gary
Nicol Hernandez
Tamaki Hieda
Alex Homem
John Kelly
Sophia Langiulli
Luna Lopez
Matthew Maida
Jefry Mejia
Nate Moen
Shoma Nagasawa
Isabella Siqueira
Jordan Solis
Nina Soto Pena
Erika Taveras
Thomas Ventriglio
Gabriel Martin


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