Harrison Avenue Second Graders Teach Valuable Lesson



The second grade class at Harrison Avenue Elementary School performed a play titled “Overscheduled Andrew” with a timely message to children and parents. Andrew, the main character, is excited to audition for the school play.  The teacher is impressed with Andrew’s “acting” abilities and suggests he look at a few activities that might compliment and strengthen his acting abilities.

Andrew joins the three activities the teacher mentioned and finds that he is also excels at these new interests.  Members of those activities encourage him to participate in other activities that they are involved in because they think he would be a great addition.  Andrew finds himself over-scheduled.

The chorus sings an important warning to Andrew – “Slow down Andrew, you know what to do.  Take it easy!  You need time to be you!”

Eventually Andrew becomes overwhelmed with all of his activities and by the time the performance of the play arrives….Andrew falls asleep on stage.