Harrison Science Research

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Harrison High School has designed a three-year program of study to assist students in becoming proficient and independent science researchers. Students in their sophomore year begin the process of conducting their own independently developed science research by concentrating on learning a number of research and associated skills including how to present and manage time. This process continues to become refined as students transition to their junior year. At this point in the program, students begin to experiment and collect data and refine their hypotheses. Some competitions, such as the JSHS and WESEF may be entered. In their final transition to senior year, students in the program write their research paper based on the format used in scientific journal articles. Students are also expected to present their final research paper to the Harrison community, are encouraged to enter competitions and make an attempt to publish their research paper

Interested? Contact Randy Gunnell at gunnellr@harrisoncsd.org or Allison Blunt at blunta@harrisoncsd.org.