LMK & HHS Science Clubs and Competitions


Science Olympiad:

Would you like to take on a problem-solving challenge in science and technology?  Do you enjoy testing your knowledge of science?  If so, this is the competitive team for you. 

The LMK Science Olympiad is a competition-based club in which students are selected to participate.  All our welcome to the first club meeting to find out more information about the club and the preliminary exam used for selection.  Once selected, you will join a team as either a competitor or substitute.  You will then prepare to compete in 2-3 of the 23 team events.  The technology competitions usually require teams to design and build something.  The science competitions usually ask you to take a knowledge test.  Each year, we send our team to the local Westchester competition in early spring.  It is here where we meet with other school competitors and compete for a chance to head to the New York State and National Science Olympiad competitions.

Here is a link to the New York State Science Olympiad organization:  http://www.newyorkscioly.org/

All students are welcome to come to our initial meeting and take the science academic exam and technology challenge which determines your selection to the team.

Meeting Times:  Mondays afterschool  plus additional commitment time                                               Coaches:  Ms. Angela Diecidue, Mr. Dan Recktenwalt and Mr. Lou D'Alessandro

Room:  174                                                                                                                                                               Contact Ms. Diecidue at dieciduea@harrisoncsd.org for more information.    

Click the following link to see our team in action.


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Environmental & Garden Club:

The Environmental & Garden Club is dedicated to promoting the preservation of the planet through sustainability.  All students in grade 6, 7 & 8 are welcome to join the club.  Our hope is to make a difference!!!!

One of the highlights of our club is developing and maintaining the LMK vegetable garden.

Meeting Times:  Tuesday Mornings before school                    Room:  176                                       Club Advisors:  Ms. Christina Dakin & Ms. Julia Long     Contact Ms. Dakin at dakinc@harrisoncsd.org for more information.


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Click the following link for more pictures of our club in action.




Astronomy Club:

Are you interested in what is out there among the stars?  Would you like to learn how to run a planetarium show and telescope?  If so, this is the club for you.  Two exciting events in the Astronomy Club's year is the club members planetarium show presentations during the Annual Holiday Show and the 4th grade Extravaganza.

Meeting Times:  Room:  D200 and the Planetarium      Club Advisors:  Ms. Lauren Carew and Ms. Nina Mauche             Contact Ms. Carew at carewl@harrisoncsd.org for more information.

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Students for World Health:


  1. Do you want to make a difference in the lives of people especially children? The Students for World Health Club provides students with opportunities to raise awareness of health related issues occurring around the world. They also fundraise to donate to organizations that aid those with health issues such as cancer, HIV, and hunger.

  2. Meeting Times:  Room:  D214      Club Advisors:  Ms. Janessa Wilson            Contact Ms. Wilson at wilsonj@harrisoncsd.org for more information.