Mentor Teacher Program

Mentor Teacher Program


The purpose of the Mentor Teacher Program is to provide collegial support to teachers who are new to the profession or new to the district.  Teachers who hold an initial certificate and have fewer than two years of experience are required to have a mentored experience in order to apply for professional certification.

Roles & Responsibilities of Mentors and Mentees

The roles and responsibilities of the mentor and the mentee in this relationship are as follows:


Roles & Responsibilities

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Attend district-wide Mentor/Mentee meetings & “Mentor Only” meetings
  • Orient the new teacher to the District’s core values of equity, access, adaptability, and rigor
  • Clarify building policies and procedures
  • Identify and/or share appropriate resources
  • Act as a sounding board and assist in finding flexible and effective solutions for issues, concerns and problems as they occur
  • Model best teaching practices
  • Visit the new teacher’s class (minimum of 3 visits)
  • Foster interpersonal relationships among the new teachers and the faculty, staff and parents in the learning community
  • Encourage and model self-reflection and self-analysis
  • Assist the new teacher with the use of technology and help the mentee design standards-based lessons and assessment tasks
  • Assist the mentee in analyzing data on student performance from classroom and state assessments
  • Attend district-wide Mentor/Mentee meetings
  • District-wide Mentor/Mentee meetings
  • September – mentors and mentees will meet weekly before or after school
  • October & November – mentors and mentees will meet every other week before or after school
  • December through June – mentors and mentees will meet at least once a month before or after school depending on individual issues of each team
  • Meetings between a mentor and mentee will occur before or after school at a mutually agreeable time
  • Keep a mentee activity log through MyLearningPlan
  • Attend 15 hours of meetings with administrators for in-service credit
How Mentor/Mentee Pairings Are Made
Mentor/mentee pairings are made by the building principals, with input from the curriculum supervisors.  Ideally, mentors and mentees are paired based on common school assignments and common grade-level or subject assignments.  However, when pairings cannot be made based on these commonalities, consideration is given to other variables such as mentor and mentee schedules, years in the profession, certification areas, etc.  If a mentor/mentee pairing needs to be adjusted, either the mentor or the mentee can speak confidentially with the building principal.

How a Teacher Becomes a Mentor

Teachers may apply to become mentors if they meet the following criteria:

  • Hold tenure in Harrison, and have one additional year of experience teaching in the district

  • Complete the mentor training provided by the district within the last two years

  • Complete and submit the Mentor Teacher Application and a resume

The Mentor Advisory Council, which consists of teachers and administrators, reviews each application and recommends candidates to the Superintendent of Schools, who makes the final decision about mentor appointments.  Click here for the rubric used to assess each application.

Teachers who are selected to serve as mentors will be compensated with three (3) in-service credits that they may apply toward salary advancement or an equivalent stipend for teachers at MA+75 or higher on the salary schedule.

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