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Special Education Supports & Services

The Harrison Central School District offers a broad continuum of service in order to meet students' needs in the least restrictive environment. We have a variety of inclusive and self contained options so that a student’s program can be tailored based on his or her individual needs. Below is a list of programs and services that are available should your child require specialized services.

Building Level Services/Response to Intervention (RTI)
A variety of academic and related services can provided at the building level for general education students who begin to show signs of difficulty. These services are provided when the student has an identified need and has been reviewed by the school's Response to Intervention team. Eligibility for building level services is determined by the building.

Related Services
When a student has an IEP or a 504 Accommodation plan, related services can be recommended to meet the speech and language, motor, vision, hearing or counseling needs of a student. Based on the needs of the student, related services can be provided in a group or individually, in the classroom or in a special location. Related services are available to eligible students grades K-12 and recommendations are made by the CSE or the Section 504 Team. 

Consultant Teacher Services
Consultant teacher services provide direct and/or indirect services to students with learning differences within the general education classroom. Consultant teacher services are considered indirect when the support is provided to the students’ general education teacher(s).

Integrated Co-Teaching
Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) is the provision of specially designed academic instruction provided to students with learning differences alongside non-disabled peers. In an ICT classroom, the general education and special education teachers share responsibility for classroom instruction. Curriculum, materials, assignments, and assessments may be adapted or modified to meet the individual learning needs of all students. Harrison offers integrated co-teaching classes in all of our schools.

Resource Room Program
Resource room program is a special education service that supports a student with learning differences with specialized supplementary instruction, in a small group setting, for a portion of the school day. Resource room programs are for the purpose of supplementing the general education or special education classroom instruction. 

Special Class
Special Class is a class consisting of students with learning differences who have been grouped together because of similarity of individual needs for the purpose of receiving specially designed instruction in a self-contained setting. Students in a special class are receiving their primary instruction separate from their non-disabled peers. Harrison has special classes for a variety of students including those with developmental delay, Autism, language based learning disabilities, academic struggles and social-emotional-behavioral difficulties.