The Harrison Central School District believes in fostering skills, knowledge and expertise needed to succeed in life in the 21st century.  The mission of the school district is to help all students achieve their true potential by providing opportunities for high quality and effective learning through the integration of instructional and informational technology into all aspects of the teaching/learning process.

During the past decade, the Harrison Central School District with ongoing support from its community, has established a viable technology infrastructure that enhances learning, facilitates the management and analysis of data and streamlines communications. With approximately 1600 computers connected to a modern, sophisticated, high speed network, a wide array of software applications and web-based digital content available anytime, anywhere, the Harrison learning community is ready for the next phase of evolution, a clear, unambiguous focus on technology as a vehicle for improving student achievement.

Technology is most “impactful” when it meets the following criteria:

  • Optimizes student learning: enhancing/extending understanding, thinking, investigation, construction of knowledge, expression of ideas, reflection and/or the differentiation of instruction.
  • Practical: requires a reasonable expenditure of resources (budget, human, time), is user-friendly, and appropriate for the identified need.
  • Sustainable: compatible with existing district standards, expandable (scalable), adaptable to changing needs and uses (dynamic), and is reliable over time.
  • Integrated: aligned with district vision and goals, supports NYS/national standards and core curricula and promotes interdisciplinary connections.

Link to the HCSD District Technology Plan 2015-2018

Link to the HCSD District Technology Plan 2018-2021

Link to the HCSD District Technology Plan 2022-2025


Brian Seligman

K-12 Director of Information Systems, Data and Technology

Chief Information Officer

McKinney-Vento Liaison

Harrison Central School District
(914) 630-3389

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