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Technology Education

Joan O'Keeffe, Ed.D., Director of K-12 Science & Technology Education


The Harrison Central School District's 6-12 Technology Program is dedicated to supporting the STEM philosophy through a program, which asks students to apply science, mathematics, social science and language arts through hands-on problem-solving challenges.  Students learn the process of designing and engineering solutions through invention and innovation in an effort to meet human needs and wants.  The positive and negative impacts of technology on society and the environment are an integral part of each course.

Our program supports the New York State Math, Science and Technology Standards (MST), The Common Core Reading and Writing Standards (CCRWS), IB MYP and the IB Diploma Programme Curriculum.  Technology standards are specifically assessed through locally-developed assessments and IB assessments in grade 12.


The Harrison Central School District's 6-8 program provides our middle school students with their first experience in Technology Education.  Students study technology and engineering in each of the 3 school years for one quarter through progressively more difficult challenges using the design process.  The use of manufacturing tools and techniques, including hand and power tools and computer-aided design software are introduced and honed.

  • Grade 6:  Simple Machines (Catapults); Aerospace (Planes & Drones); Computer-Assisted Software (CAD:  Tinker)
  • Grade 7:  Upcycling & Sustainable Agriculture; Ground Transportation (Dragsters); Design Engineering and CAD (Homestyler)
  • Grade 8:  Manufacturing Systems; Robotics

The Harrison Central School District's 9-12 Technology Education Program provides students with a sequence of in-depth study over 4 years, which encompasses design, modeling and construction techniques.  Technical drawing, scale models, engineering principles and practices, manufacturing and architectural design are examples of the skills students will learn in this program through independently-chosen designs.   As students advance in the program, there is a greater focus on technical writing for the purposes of publication and student-driven innovations.

  • Grade   9:  Design and Drawing for Production (DDP)**
  • Grade 10:  Engineering, Architectural Design and Manufacturing (Integrated Technology)
  • Grade 11:  IB Design Technology SL and HL Year 1
  • Grade 12:  IB Design Technology SL and HL Year 2
  • Grade 11 & 12:  Technology for the Modern, Sustainable World I
  • Grade 12:  Technology for the Modern, Sustainable World II

Students are mostly assessed through locally-developed project-based learning experiences except IB Design Technology, which is assessed through the IB written papers and performance-based design project.

**Students who are successful in DDP can apply the credit earned towards their graduation requirement for Art.