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Spring Season Varsity Coaches

Girls Lacrosse

Deidre O’Brien, Head Coach

Coach O’Brien is excited to begin her third year as the Head Coach for the Girls Varsity Lacrosse Team.  She previously coached at the JV level and played Division 1 Lacrosse in college.   Ms. O’Brien teaches business at Harrison High School and advises the successful DECA Business Club. Coach O’Brien is excited to build a girls’ lacrosse program that strives to develop student athletes both on and off the field. She believes that a rigorous program, clearly communicating expectations, and holding student athletes to the highest standards are the foundation success as students and athletes. Coach O’Brien believes the most rewarding experience as a coach is seeing the girls develop their skills while having fun.

Boys Lacrosse

Matt Cipolla, Head Coach

Coach Cipolla has played lacrosse for most of his life and played at the Varsity level in high school and Division 1 in college. He has served as the Harrison Varsity coach for the past six years. Mr. Cipolla believes that is important to hold student athletes accountable both on and off the field. On the field, student athletes are accountable for their effort and attitude on a daily basis. Off the field, student athletes are expected to do their absolute best to achieve their educational goals. To Coach Cipolla, the most rewarding aspect to coaching is watching a group of individual athletes become a team.



Marco DiRuocco, Head Coach

Coach DiRuocco has coached the Harrison baseball team for more than 20 years and also serves as a Physical Education Teacher at LMK Middle School.  He is committed to working with his coaching staff to support student athletes in being their best both on and off the field. Practices are designed to take the team to another level, both physically and mentally.  Coach DiRuocco is committed to continuous improvement and works with athletes each day to improve and refine their skills.  He believes clear and open communication with parents and students is an important part of an athlete’s success. One of Coach DiRuocco’s greatest rewards as a coach is when former players come back and reminisce about their experiences as a high school athlete!



Dean Marino, Head Coach

Coach Marino brings more than 20 years as a softball coach to the Harrison Varsity Softball Program and is dedicated to building successful student athletes.  Coach Marino believes athletes should be passionate about playing, and being a great teammate means learning to lead and accepting your role on the team no matter what it is.  He also encourages athletes to work hard both on and off the field to become stronger players and stronger students.  Coach Marino is motivated by watching young players gain confidence in themselves and learning how sports can help them succeed in life.

Boys Tennis

Quan Huynh 

Coach Huynh has more than 20 years of coaching tennis at the modified, JV and Varsity levels, and played tennis in high school and college. During the fall season, Mr. Huynh also coaches the Harrison High School Varsity Girls Tennis Team. Mr. Huynh teaches in the Rye City School District.  Coach Huynh’s primary focus is to develop student athletes to achieve their maximum potential. He believes student athletes learn a tremendous amount by winning graciously and losing with humility.  Coach Huynh is inspired as a coach when student athletes accomplish their goals and believe in themselves.


Girls Golf

Wendy Swenson, Head Coach

This season marks the eighth year that Coach Swenson leads the Girls Varsity Golf Team. Ms. Swenson also teaches Physical Education at Harrison High School. Her primary focus as a coach is to develop character, teamwork and leadership abilities in the young women on her team. Coach Swenson also encourages focus on individual skills in order to be successful on the course. As a coach, Ms. Swenson enjoys watching student athletes’ hard work pay off as they improve their golf skills, confidence and leadership.

Boys Golf


Phil DiGioia, Head Coach

Coach DiGioia brings years of experience to the Harrison Varsity Golf Team. Mr. DiGioia also teaches Math at Harrison High School. A life-long golfer, Coach DiGioia is committed to developing skills and helping students find success and confidence as an athlete and member of a team. Coach DiGioia believes to be a successful coach you must have great communication not only with athletes but with their parents as well. He is committed to communicating a clear understanding of what is expected in order to support student athletes’ success. Mr. DiGioia is motivated by helping his student athletes achieve their goals and seeing the smiles on their faces when they do.


Track and Field

Joshua Gallagher, Head Coach

Coach Gallagher has served as the Harrison High School Assistant Track and Field Coach for the past five years, and is excited step into the head coaching role this season. Mr. Gallagher was a member of the Oberlin College Track and Field Team, where he served as captain. He believes that a track and field team thrives when it includes diverse talents and athletic backgrounds. As a coach he strives to educate student athletes about how to train and compete in all aspects of athletics so they develop as athletes beyond track and field.