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Harrison High School Students Present Virtual Production of Antigone



Harrison High School Students Present Virtual Production of Antigone

On October 22-24, the Harrison High School Playhouse is proud to present a virtual production of Antigone: 3021, a new adaptation of the Ancient Greek Tragedy by Sophocles. Tickets may be accessed for free:

In the original Antigone, first performed in 441 B.C., the daughter of Oedipus is confronted with a moral dilemma. Should she bury her brother Polyneices, even though King Creon has forbidden the act? Antigone does not hesitate in breaking “man’s law” to do what she believes is right. Burying a body so that the soul could pass into the afterlife was an extremely important act in Ancient Greece.

Antigone: 3021 takes the tragic tale, and sets it in a future in which characters communicate via virtual calls, and the Greek Chorus is transformed into a talk-show.  Like in the original, the city of Thebes is recovering from both civil war and a plague. Once Antigone brazenly defies Chancellor Creon’s law, the chorus begins to question if his law was fair and just. The Ancient Greeks did not shy away from tough moral questions with no easy answers.

The play was written and directed by Harrison High School theatre teacher Nina Haberli.  HHS junior Larry Vazquez served as assistant director.

The cast includes Mia Altamuro, Ceara Kretzmer, Cameron Mclean, Elizabeth Caragliano, Lorena Ramirez, Simona Forgione, Galle Blaustein, Angel Aguilar, Lana Waights, Alexis Gulla, Joanna Howson, Angelina Siconolfi, Christopher Collazo, Albieris Castano, Gia Vecchione, Barbara Borrell, Eleanor Millard, Ulysses Bravo, Sebastian Rueda Lobato, Emily Caragliano, Hailey Helmer, and Philip Schultz.

The HHS tech crew assisted with creating virtual backgrounds. The crew includes: Shannon Kenny,  John Carpino, Faith Ildefonso, Scarlett Kerridge, Leilah El-Azizi, James McLean, Caroline Tanico, Alondra Nolasco Rojas, and Brandon Escobar.

This production will be streamed on YouTune October 22nd to 24th. The link will be shared with ticket holders. Tickets are free, but the members of HHS Playhouse ask you to consider making a voluntary donation. 50% of contributions will be donated to Swim Across America, an organization which funds cancer research. The other 50% will be donated to HHS playhouse to cover the cost of this, and future productions.  

For tickets:







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