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Coronavirus Update March 10

An Update from the Superintendent of Schools:
Combating Coronavirus with Planning, Common Sense &
Caring for Your Family and Community

Update: March 10, 2020

Dear Community Members,

The District continues to monitor for any potential cases of Coronavirus and we are maintaining a vigilant regimen of keeping our schools clean and safe. We are regularly engaged with our district physician and the county health and state health departments to ensure that we are acting upon the most current guidance. 

Our entire administrative team has been meeting and planning to support our students in the event of a school or district closing. We are proud that our teachers have embraced this challenge with energy, creativity and a profound sense of commitment to serving our students in these challenging times.

There are no confirmed cases of COVID–19 in our schools but we have developed plans in the event that a case emerges or if the New York State Health Department and the Westchester County Department of  Health directs us to close schools. 

Below is an update of the most recent developments:

Who’s In Charge to Make Health-Related Decisions?

At a meeting of area superintendents held Friday, March 6, Westchester County Executive George Latimer made clear that the NY State Department of Health (NYSDOH) is the authority that will direct school responses to Coronavirus outbreaks and dictate school closures (Click here for the Westchester County Policy Statement).  We are in constant communication with state and local officials and will seek and receive direction from the NYSDOH in the event of a local outbreak.

New Requirement From The Governor: 24-hour Shutdown Rule for Schools

Governor Cuomo has mandated that if individuals within a school test positive for Coronavirus, schools are required to close for at least a 24-hour period and possibly longer.  Governor Cuomo stated, "For all schools, we're going to set a policy that if a student tests positive in a school, that school is closed for an initial 24 hour period so that we can do an assessment of the situation and the facts and then make the determination going forward given the facts in that particular school district."  The governor indicated the 24-hour period would be used to clean the school facilities, begin investigating the individual case and determine whether an extended closure is necessary. 

Instructional Resource Website to Support Learning From Home

In the next several days, the District will be launching a webpage that provides access to online learning for all of our students, should it become necessary to close school. Our digital platform will include access to daily assignments from teachers, as well as access to guidance counselors, school psychologists, and speech pathologists. The music, fine art, and physical education departments are also preparing meaningful ways for students to participate in these activities in the event of a school closure. 

Large-Group Gatherings & Field Trips

All in-district activities are currently proceeding as planned unless we are directed by health officials to postpone them.  All field trips scheduled to occur within the United States will continue as planned.  The district has no planned international field trips. You will be notified of any change or cancellation.

Make Sure Your Emergency Contacts Are Up To Date! 

Although you have received this reminder from the District multiple times throughout the course of the school year, it is worth repeating. Please make certain that all emergency contact information is up to date.  In the event of a school closure, students will only be released to individuals listed on the emergency contact list. Please be reminded that individuals including parents who pick up students during an emergency dismissal must have a photo ID.

Louis N. Wool, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools