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Coronavirus Update March 20

A Message to Our Students from the
Superintendent of Schools

Update: March 20, 2020

Dear Students, 

I want to share my thoughts with you about the rites of passage and rituals that might seem lost, but they are not! School is many things. It is most certainly learning, but it is so much more: it’s about growing up, discovering yourself, extraordinary friendships, about a shared, powerful and unique common experience that comes but once in a lifetime.

I have been thinking incessantly about the events that mark a student’s school experience: sports, plays, concerts, field trips, competitions, club activities, graduations, and even prom.  I promise you we will find a way to make certain that these indelible memories are not lost to you. Very soon I will be reaching out to students, faculty, parents, and staff and together, we will rise up - as we always do - and make your memories unique and wonderful.

No one could have imagined the changes in our community, our lives, and our world, in just the past seven days. We are a school district that lives by the belief that everyone in our learning community will have the support they need to succeed; that is what defines us, and makes us great. I am counting on your extraordinary creativity and commitment to one another to help me keep my promise. Our entire faculty and staff are here to support your dreams and aspirations. Our collective imaginations and creativity are boundless; better days are just ahead. 

Dr. Wool
Superintendent of Schools