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8/21 Update from the Superintendent of Schools

School Reopening & Parent Survey

Update: August 21 2020

Dear Harrison Parents and Guardians:

Despite the many challenges that lie ahead for what will be an unprecedented school reopening, our faculty, staff, and administrators are excited for your children to fill our schools with curiosity and joy. We miss them and have spent months preparing for their return. 

I write today with important updates and to ask that you complete the parent survey included below. Please submit this information no later than Wednesday, August 26. Your circumstances may have changed since the last survey, and we have added the option for virtual learning. For additional information about the instructional models, visit the Reopening Website. Please review and complete the survey in its entirety.

If you were unable to attend any of our three parent meetings, which provided detailed information on elementary, middle and high school programming, or if you want more information about our Reopening Plan, visit our Reopening Website. As we have shared previously, the Reopening Plan will continue to evolve as new information emerges.

Parent Reopening Survey
Please complete the Reopening Survey by Wednesday, August 26 at 5 PM. The survey seeks important information to assist us in preparing for the school year, including the opportunity to select the preferred learning model for your child. You will be prompted at the end of the survey to complete a separate survey for each child.

School Opening and Schedules
The opening of school will be delayed by one day and the first day of school will be September 9th.  Student schedules will identify your child’s group, HUSKY or PRIDE, and include details of their daily interactions with teachers: in-person, synchronous, or asynchronous instruction. More information will be provided by your school principal. 

The health and welfare of your children and of your neighbors are inextricably linked. In caring for your family, you are caring for your community. In order to keep schools healthy and safe, we are mandating the wearing of masks and social distancing. As always, the Board of Education and I are proud to lead a learning community that consistently demonstrates an ethic of care for one another - I have no doubt that we will demonstrate that ethic again. 


Louis N. Wool Ed.D