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1/2 Update from the Superintendent of Schools

Superintendent's Update - Latest Developments & Resources

Update: January 2 2022

Dear Harrison Families,

We are prepared to welcome your children back to school as scheduled on Monday, January 3, 2022.  As COVID-19 cases in our community increase, we continue to monitor our ability to staff our schools safely and effectively. I will inform you of any changes.

For comprehensive information about our reopening protocols, please read my update of January 1, 2022. 

Please help us keep schools open and students, faculty, and staff safe.
  • Encourage your children to wear their masks appropriately to avoid the spread of COVID-19 and limit quarantines. 

  • If your child is experiencing any symptoms, please do not send them to school. Seek medical advice and a PCR or rapid antigen test administered by a healthcare provider to determine whether or not your child has contracted COVID-19, and report your child’s symptoms using the COVID-19 Symptom Reporting Form

  • Virtual Learning Option if Family Member Tests Positive: The District permits children in homes with a positive COVID-19 case to participate in virtual learning. The District recommends if a family member in your home has tested positive for COVID-19 and cannot be isolated from the rest of the family, DO NOT send your child to school.  

If you are participating in our Test to Stay Program, please make sure your child arrives at school on time to facilitate a smooth transition to the start of the day. 

Resources for Testing and Vaccination

Below is a list of resources for testing sites, vaccinations, and boosters. Access to testing is highly limited; however, the District can only accept results from a healthcare provider.

These are trying times, but we can keep our children safely in school if we work together and make prudent choices.


Louis N. Wool, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools