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An Important Message from the Superintendent

June 10, 2024

Dear Harrison Families,

Nothing is more difficult to fathom nor more tragic to experience than the loss of a child. Sunday, June 9, 2024, an eighth-grade student at our middle school, Mark Anthony Giordano, was in a fatal accident. 

Mark was beloved by his teachers, coaches, and friends. Our exceptional faculty, coaches, and SROs stepped in immediately to support his family and our students. 

We have mobilized support for our middle and high school students, faculty, and staff and extend that support to anyone in our schools who may have known this resilient and remarkable young man. 

If your child has been impacted by Mark's tragic death and needs support, please reach out to your principal.

In moments of extraordinary tragedy, I am always comforted by the generosity and love our community shows to those most in need and one another.


Louis N, Wool, Ed.D.
Superintendent of School
Harrison Central School District