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Harrison Community Celebrates the Class of 2021!

The Harrison Central School District celebrated Commencement for the Harrison High School Class of 2021, and Moving Up ceremonies for LMK Middle School 8th grade students and 5th grade students at Harrison Avenue Elementary School, Parsons Elementary School, Preston Elementary School, and Purchase Elementary School. Parents and families gathered on the grounds of Harrison High School to honor the accomplishments of students. The ceremonies, held on beautiful, sunny days were filled with excitement and joy.  

Principals welcomed families, thanked parents for their partnership through the years, and acknowledged the dedication of faculty and staff, especially during this past year. Each principal shared stories about the graduates, recognized their perseverance and adaptability, and reminded them to continue bringing joy, kindness and generosity of spirit in all they do.  

Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Louis Wool greeted families and thanked parents, faculty, and the entire Harrison learning community for all they have done in support of students. At the Moving Up Ceremonies he reminded students about the importance of listening and understanding the perspective of others. He reminded students empathy is a superpower that always will serve them well as they embark on new experiences. 

During the Harrison High School Commencement, Dr. Wool reflected on what was gained and learned over the past year, “we were called to look at ourselves and others like we never had before….and ordinary people in our lives become essential….and heroic.” He shared the value of listening to others, especially those who offer a different perspective. He cautioned, “Choosing sides prevents you from discovering the value in people.” He reminded graduates to genuiinely see and listen to people they encounter and remember, “not everyone has traveled the same road, but when we lift each other up extraordinary things happen.” Dr. Wool concluded his remarks by declaring his confidence in the Class of 2021 to take all they have learned in Harrison to “transform the worlds they encounter and perform acts of kindness, love, and hope.” 

Student speakers at the Harrison High School Commencement included Class of 2021 President, Caroline Alvarado, Alexandra Gresham, and Tanner Purdy, who encouraged their classmates to “be proud of ourselves and transform the lives of others,” “live a beautiful and happy life,” and “walk with confidence, live without holding back…and carry the traits of a Harrison Husky with us.”

Board of Education trustees spoke at each ceremony and recognized members of the Harrison learning community for their care, passion and efforts over the past year: the faculty and staff for embracing one of the district’s core values - adaptability -  to ensure the continuity of learning for students; building administrators for ensuring the safety and well-being of our children with humility and grace; and the district administration who worked tirelessly on behalf of our children – and in particular Dr. Wool for his ability to shepherd the district through this past year with an unyielding commitment to making research-based decisions on behalf of our children.