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April 14: HHS Principal's Message


Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

As our daily routines have changed in these last weeks, there are many things I miss about having your children together in our building each day.   The building has an eerie sadness about it when it is without student voices, interactions, and energy.   Our faculty has found unique ways to address these voids to bring student voice, interactions, and energy to the remote environment.  In an “Inspirational Chain Letter” started by teachers in our PE Department, students send hopeful quotes to classmates. As I viewed the growing collection of messages, one quote struck me, “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” - Viktor Frank

Regardless of our role, each day we are challenged to respond to situations we cannot change.   You have experienced immense changes in your homes as you work alongside your children and all learn to function under one roof.   Just like you, our faculty has changed how they support students in this new environment; their efforts have been creative and tireless.  Every member of the high school faculty will continue to maintain high expectations for student learning and move forward in the content while supporting students through ongoing communication and personalized interactions.  Encourage your children to take advantage of individual and small group instruction and extra help sessions. With the cancellation of Regents Examinations, the successful completion of courses becomes even more significant.  It is important to remember:

  • Regents Examinations are canceled; however, Regents exam credit will be awarded to students based upon the successful passing of the course that originally led to that exam.  

  • The Portal will be closed through April 16th to finalize Quarter 3 grades.

  • Weekly Bulletin, week of 4/13/2020 

  • The District is providing free breakfast and lunch for eligible students. If you are currently eligible but have not yet applied, please complete the request form.  If your circumstances have changed and you are in need of food assistance contact your principal. All inquiries are confidential.

  • If your child needs a device, if there is a problem with your equipment, or if your family does not have internet access, the District will provide a device and/or a mobile hotspot to deliver internet access. If you require technology support please complete this form. If you have questions contact Brian Seligman (914-630-3389) or (   

None of us can behave as if everything is the same for our children; it is not.  We are all “challenged to change ourselves.”   I value our partnership as we change together. 

Be well.


Ms. Kimberly Beukema 
Principal, Harrison High School