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7th Grade Students Take Math Outside the Classroom

A math lesson designed to explore the world around us? Absolutely. Seventh grade students at LMK Middle School are learning how math skills apply outside the classroom.

The introductory lesson for the 7th grade math unit on statistics began with a visit from Greenburgh Nature Center to LMK Middle School. The nature center team conducted a lesson about the environment in math classes for all 7th grade students. This “in school field trip” included both individual and group activities to reinforce learning, and provided students with common knowledge, understanding, and vocabulary. The lesson served as a foundation for the upcoming unit on statistics.  Seventh grade math teachers will integrate what students learned about the environment when they introduce statistics, and demonstrate how math concepts apply to real world circumstances.

Students learned to categorize, applied mathematical equations to calculate things including water use and carbon footprint, and discussed how math applies to their everyday lives. At the end of the lesson students shared reflections on their learning. This interdisciplinary approach is integral to the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (IBMYP) philosophy, and aligns with the IBMYP learning standards.