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You are cordially invited to the HHS IB Art Exhibition on Friday, March 24th!

The IB Art Exhibition is the culmination of 2 years of rigorous artistic work, study, creation and reflection. Over the course of the IB Visual Art curriculum, students  practice and hone numerous techniques, using a variety of media, as they develop their creative voice and learn to fully realize their artistic intentions. The exhibition represents a curated selection of the works generated during this process, creating a connected body of work that highlights their technical and artistic accomplishments.

The Exhibition will run from 3-6 PM on March 24th, at Harrison High School, and will feature the works of IB art students: Alexis Alfaro, Gianna Allegretti, Mia DeMarco, Jane El Khoury, Ami Goble, Arianna Kaplan, Angelea Nicaj, Diego Abad, Seizan Arai, Elizabeth Hansen, Emily Hansen, Emi Kaneko, and Lauren Ross.