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Model Congress Team Earns Awards at Harvard Competition

The Harrison Model Congress Team recently competed at the prestigious Harvard Model Congress competition in San Francisco, California. This conference differed from other conferences because prior to the conference, each participant was assigned a different Senator or Representative in Congress, and students were required to work collaboratively in order to create and pass bipartisan legislation. Like-minded students from around the world came together to learn more about our Government’s policies.

The Harrison High School team established themselves among the top student legislators in the country. The Harrison Model Congress Team competed against students from across the United States and several other countries.

The success the Harrison Model Congress Team earned at the conference directly resulted from rigorous preparation, including reading numerous briefings and researching a Congressperson’s stance on some of our nation’s most imminent issues. The team’s results demonstrate their ability to compete with some of the best student legislators in the world.

The club earned four best delegates and one honorable mention at the Harvard competition. Best delegates: David Griff (Senate Environment and Public Works), Benjamin Lovinger (Senate Environment and Public Works), Jack Kelly (House Oversight and Government Reform), and Joshua Gomez-Cruz (House Science, Space, and Technology). Honorable mention: Roya Azar in Senate Intelligence.

Submitted by David Griff, Harrison High School Model Congress President