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Parsons School Celebrates Wellness Week

Students at the Parsons Elementary School celebrated Wellness Week, a school-wide event focused on the importance of maintaining physically, socially, and emotionally healthy habits.  This year also included a return to in-person Wellness Day! 

Wellness Day takes place in partnership with the Parsons PTA, the District's Athletics and Performing Arts Departments, Harrison High School, and community service organizations in Harrison. Throughout the day, students engaged in various activities facilitated by teachers, HHS students, and community organizations.  Parsons Physical Education teachers and members of the HHS Cross Country team led students in a jog-a-thon. Students also participated in sports activities conducted by HHS Varsity athletes from the Soccer, Volleyball, Baseball, Field Hockey, Basketball, Football, and Tennis teams. HHS Dance students taught students a specially choreographed dance routine.  Members of the Harrison Police and Fire Departments spoke with students about bicycle safety and fire prevention.

Parsons students thoroughly enjoyed each new learning experience and the opportunity to engage with members of the entire Harrison community.