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Students Create Original Mural at HHS

A group of HHS student buddies worked together to design and create a mural on permanent display at Harrison High School. Student buddies offer an inclusive opportunity for students with developmental disabilities to meet with school peers and build meaningful connections through a wide range of activities. Senior Dimitrios Meimeteas shared his idea for a project to promote “collaboration among different students at Harrison High school using art as a medium for communication” and “provide an opportunity for anyone to participate regardless of their abilities or skills.” The student artists brought Dimitrios’ vision to life using a variety of techniques to design various components; every step of the process was accessible to all who were interested in participating. The final activity included everyone coming together to paint the pieces which then were assembled to create “an exciting and colorful piece that amplifies the voices of students.” Dimitrios credits students’ artistry for the mural’s creation, and recognizes Ms. Moore and Ms. Rowe for their guidance and support. The mural was unveiled at a celebration on Tuesday, November 1st with the student artists, teachers, and administrators in attendance.