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Students Thrive in District Summer Programs

Amazing. Awesome. Exciting. Creative. Interesting. Helpful. Harrison Central School District students reflect on their experiences in the District’s summer program. 

More than 1700 registrants participated in the 80+ differentiated learning opportunities for students in first through twelfth grades. Secondary courses included College Essay Writing, Creative Writing, Student Leadership, Science Research, and Robotics. Elementary students selected from unique program options: Lego Laboratory, Happiness Bootcamp, Calligraphy, Circus Arts, Harry Potter Wizardry-STEAM, Greek Gods, Sweet Treats, and Painting, as well as Bridges to Literacy, the District’s elementary program to build literacy and math skills in our youngest learners. Students in third through twelfth grade became Reading Ambassadors and will lead book talks for classmates upon their return to school. HCSD also offered traditional summer school to address credit recovery for students.

The summer learning program was designed to strengthen learning gaps, provide enrichment experiences, and offer opportunities to create community and connections before returning to school in September. The program engaged students intellectually, creatively, and socially. Students enjoyed  the opportunities to explore an interest, work with others, build confidence and learn something new. Some of the ways they described their experiences include feeling smarter, becoming more confident, socializing with kids who have the same interest, making new friends, and most importantly, helping each other.

Teachers found the summer program rewarding and appreciated the opportunity to create innovative and engaging academic experiences for students. They also enjoyed sharing their interests with students, meeting new students, and exploring new teaching techniques and strategies. 

The District will continue to provide expanded and enriched learning opportunities over the next three summers.