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The Louis M. Klein Drama Club to Perform Junie B Jones Jr. 

Performances are April 22nd and 23rd @ 7pm at the Louis M. Klein Auditorium. 

Based on the books by Barbara Park, Junie B. Jones follows Junie and her friends through the challenges of first grade.  Members of the community are invited to join the performance and experience the joys, trials, and excitement of being in first grade. 

Tickets are free. Seating will be general admission. Doors will open by 6:30pm each night.


Seraphina Blackman

Dylan Bouteneff

Ava Branca

Sophia Campos Becerril

Bella Cangelosi

Luke Castelllano

Audrey Cheung

Lea Cortes

Chloe Corvino

Theresa DeRosa

Samantha Dollinger

Hana El Khoury

Brianna Griffiths-Knight

Tommy Hazelton

Delilah Hickson

Ayumi Ito

Keisuke Ito

Neeve Kenny

Isis Leite

Gisel Lopez

Alexis Manalis

Mira McKell

Elvis Njuguna

Kotoha Nomura

Ulrich Novak

KC Onwuasoanya

Giuliana Palmisano

Rosella Paniccia

Cate Paolercio

Dean Passerelli

Joey Portocarrero

Polina Rakita

Charlotte Reville

Talia Russo

Josue Sanchez

Emily Sander

Nina Serizawa

Lilianna Tesoriero

Micaela Thone

Jessie Vukel

Eren Yoshimura



Alex Calero

Angie Costabile

Hina Kamada

Toni Reyes Hernandez

Allison Saldana Paredes

Natsuki Shigeta

Racquel Simmons

Rosa Strino