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Welcome to West Harrison…..Preston Style!  

Preston 2nd Graders Recreate their West Harrison Community

Second grade students ended their social studies unit on geography with a fun and interactive project – a recreation of the West Harrison community built on the Preston playground. 

Second grade teachers Ms. Lapson, Ms. Pallone, and Ms. Gherardi were proud of how students applied the skills they learned during the geography unit to design and build locations in West Harrison including Preston School, the Fire House, West Harrison Pool and many other familiar locations and businesses.

At the start of the project, students brainstormed places and worked together to create a map of the West Harrison community to indicate where each location should go. They learned how to read a map and referred to an actual map of West Harrison to make sure their assumptions in creating their community were correct. Students worked with their families to create one of the locations on the map and wrote descriptions about each location which they discussed all who strolled the “streets” of West Harrison recreated on the Preston playground. 

Using Google Earth to observe the planet from space, then zooming from continent to state and finally to the West Harrison community, students learned about cardinal directions, parts of a map, and how to read different kinds of maps. Students enjoyed developing map skills and learning how geography influences the lifestyles of different communities, and maps help people understand their surroundings.

Students especially loved learning about why and how maps are used for different purposes: navigation, emergencies, planning and building communities. They also enjoyed learning about the different locations and how each one fits together to make the West Harrison community.