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Sports Wrap Up: Fall 2021

Celebrating Husky Athletes 

Message from the Director of Athletics

Dear Harrison Community,

The Harrison Huskies were back in full gear starting in August for our Fall 2021 Athletic Season, living out the Athletic Core Values of Rigor, Development, Accountability and Communication.  There is a lot to celebrate on and off the field and court.  We had multiple athletes compete at the state level for their respective sports.  Additionally, the incredible effort and dedication of every student athlete was rewarded with our school earning many personal and team post season awards.  Most importantly, all of our teams earned a first quarter GPA of over 90%, resulting in Harrison High School receiving a School of Distinction designation from the New York State Public High School Athletic Association. The Girls Soccer and Field Hockey teams earned the additional honor of each athlete having over a 90% quarter one GPA.  This type of athletic and academic success is what sets us apart from our peers and is the foundation of our program.  Please join me in congratulating and celebrating our Husky student athletes, coaches and teams for their incredible fortitude throughout the season.    


Christopher Galano


Scholar Athlete Team
Record: 5-4

Awards and Recognitions

All Section: Arthur Troilo III, Chris McLaughlin

All Conference: Nick Reed, Thomas Ventriglio

All League: Arthur Troilo III, Chris McLaughlin, Nick Reed, Thomas Ventriglio, Peter Rinello, Johnny Karipides, Juan Gomez

Girls Tennis

Scholar Athlete Team
Record: 8-3

Awards and Recognitions

All Section: Barbara Coppola, Alexia Lansberg, Ines Xhayet, Hannah Rose

All League: Barbara Coppola, Alexia Lansberg, Ines Xhayet, Hannah Rose, Lauren Ross, Yuiko Suzuki, Savannah Serfilippi

The Girls Tennis Team was a Finalist in the Large School Division 1 Section Championship. 

Cross Country

Scholar Athlete Team

Awards and Recognitions

All Section: Katrina Torelli

All County: Katrina Torelli

All League: Katrina Torelli, Carrie Gilmore, Annika Torelli, Mary Gilmore, Meghan McGurk, Sean Geraghty

Katrina Torelli placed first at the All Section Cross Country Meet.

Girls Swimming

Scholar Athlete Team
Record: 6-3-1

Awards and Recognitions

All Section: Sophia Bondikov

All League: Sophia Bondikov, Katherine McCann, Riko Suzuki, Kate Rube, Talya Appelbaum

Sophia Bondikov qualified for the State Championship and finished 10th in the breaststroke and 17th in the individual medley.


Scholar Athlete Team

Awards and Recognitions

UCA All American: Abigail Roth, Alexandra Paternoster, Casey DeMarisco, Jocelyn Pittelli

All Section: Abigail Roth

All League: Abigail Roth, Alexandra Paternoster


Scholar Athlete Team
Record: 6-12

Awards and Recognitions

All League: Lily Seibel, Cassandra Sanscartier, Kyra Repa

Boys Soccer

Scholar Athlete Team
Record: 2-8-2

Awards and Recognitions

All Section: John Antolino

All League: Ian Kavanagh

Girls Soccer

Scholar Athlete Team
Record: 10-6-3

Awards and Recognitions

All Section: Ava Cefaloni

All Section Honorable Mention: Alexandra Stilo

All League: Caela Vasilkioti, Alexandra Stilo, Ava Cefaloni, Sofia Miller, Parker Yates

All League Honorable Mention: Mia Boda, Daniella Zumbo, Juliana Celentano, Stella Perini, Laila Lehmann, Lucy Alcoba

Girls Soccer Team coach Jon Erik Zappala reach a milestone 100th win this season. Congratulations Coach Zappala!

Field Hockey

Scholar Athlete Team
Record: 1-11-1

Awards and Recognitions

All Section Honorable Mention, All League: Abby Trotta

Modified Athletics at LMK Middle School 

Harrison student athletes at the modified level were back in action during the Fall 2021 season after interscholastic modified athletics were cancelled last year due to COVID restrictions.  Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer and Volleyball fielded two teams, in addition to one team for Football, Cheer and Cross Country.  More than 200 7th and 8th grade student athletes had an opportunity to be part of a team and learn fundamentals of game play, rules, training, and basic skills. Student athletes also learned the importance of supporting teammates on and off the field. 

Department of Physical Education, Health and Athletics

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Danny Gonzalez, Assistant Director  (