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Spring 2024, vol. 9    

Science & Design Technology Edition

Dear Harrison Families,

Our District newsletter's Science and Design Technology edition highlights a year of exceptional student achievements; I’m confident you will enjoy learning more about their work. 

Their accomplishments include:
  • Lucia Lammers and Ryo Ide were named Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair Finalists and are among the top student scientists in the country. Lucia placed third and won the prestigious EPA Sustainability Award.
  • Yaseen Osman will be a Regeneron summer intern, chosen after a rigorous selection process.
  • Alec Udell placed second at the 39th Annual Upstate Junior Science & Humanities Symposium and qualified for the National Competition, the first time in Harrison High School history, 
  • The LMK Science Olympiad team participated in the state competition; four students earned medals.
Our students' original research, presented and discussed at the 22nd Annual Harrison High School Science Symposium, LMK Middle School Science Fair, and the elementary schools’ PYP Exhibition and Science Fair, reflects their commitment, creativity, and the support they receive from our dedicated faculty. We are proud of their work and dedication; join us in celebrating their well-deserved successes.


Louis N. Wool, Ed.D. 

Superintendent of Schools

Lucia Lammers, Ryo Ide Named Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair Finalists; Lucia Places 3rd, Wins EPA Sustainability Award

​HHS Science Research students, senior Lucia Lammers, junior Ryo Ide, competed as finalists in the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). Lucia placed third in the Earth and Environmental Systems Division and  won the Environmental Protection Agency Patrick H. Hurd Sustainability Award at the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair. The award is presented to one student whose work demonstrates a commitment to environmental sustainability and stewardship. 

Regeneron ISEF is considered the most prestigious international competition for high school student scientists from around the world. To qualify, Lucia won first place and was in the top 15 projects out of more than 600 at the New York State Science and Engineering Fair (NYSSEF), and Ryo placed first and was in the top 20 projects out of 715 at the Westchester Science and Engineering Fair (WESEF). Take a look at their work - Lucia's ProjectSpectroscopic and Colorimetric Analysis of Textiles Dyed with Local Invasive Plant Species and Waste-derived MordantsRyo's ProjectDeveloping Practical Early Countermeasures to Wildfires: An Explainable AI Approach 

Seniors Stella Perini, Lucia Lammers Named International Regeneron Scholars 

Harrison High School seniors and Science Research students, Stella Perini and Lucia Lammers, were named Regeneron Science Talent Search Scholars, selected from 2,162 applications received from 712 high schools across 46 states, 12 territories and countries. Scholars were chosen based on their exceptional research skills, commitment to academics, innovative thinking and promise as scientists. To be considered for the Regeneron competition, students conduct an original research project, collect and analyze comprehensive data and present their work for evaluation by a panel of judges. Students also complete and submit an application explaining the reasoning behind their study, academic background and interest in science. The Regeneron Science Talent Search provides students a platform to present original research and celebrates the hard work and novel discoveries of young scientists who bring a fresh perspective to significant global challenges.  Learn more about the scholars and their research

HHS Junior Yaseen Osman Is Regeneron Summer Intern

Harrison High School junior Yaseen Osman was accepted to the prestigious Regeneron Summer

Internship Program. After a rigorous application and interview process Yaseen was accepted to
this highly competitive program, the third student in Harrison High School history to earn this opportunity. This mentorship program matches high school students with a Regeneron scientist to conduct research at Regeneron full-time during the summer. Yaseen is part of the high school’s science research program and has presented his research, Creating a Computer Algorithm to Tune Frequency Bands of Electrodes Used in Electrodes on Sound Environment, at multiple science fairs.  

First HHS Regeneron Interns Continued Work Throughout High School

HHS Seniors Stella O'Connell and Galle Blaustein were the first HHS Students accepted to the Regeneron Intern Program

The first Harrison students selected as Regeneron interns, Stella O'Connell and Galle Blaustein, are members of the Class of 2024. Stella and Galle are science research students, and have continued their work at Regeneron. For the past two years, Stella worked with Dr. Stephanie Lau with the goal of enhancing our understanding of the inflammatory process that accompanies allergic reactions, autoimmune disorders and other pathologies associated with intestinal disorders. Galle worked with Dr. John DaSilva to better understand the abnormal pathways in the body that drive progression of metastasis in cancer patients. Galle will continue working as an intern this summer and plans to continue her research at Regeneron during college.

Students Earn Multiple Awards at Science & Humanities Symposium; Alec Udell Qualifies for National Competition

Harrison Science Research students earned multiple awards at the 39th Annual Upstate Junior Science & Humanities Symposium (JSHS). For the first time in Harrison High School History, a Harrison student, Alec Udell placed second and qualified for the National Competition.  Alec presented his research in the Environmental Science/Pollution category, An Investigation of The Hydrolytic Degradation of Biodegradable Plastic Products in Natural Aquatic Conditions, to more than 300 people and placed second, qualifying him for Nationals. In addition, Emma Jonisch placed 3rd in the Medicine and Health category, Filippa Rasmussen placed 3rd in the Behavior category speaker competition, and Stella O’Connell finished 3rd in the poster competition. 

Earlier in the season, students participated in the regional competition to qulaify for states. Regional winners who qualified for Upstate: Lucia Lammers, 1st Environmental Sciences; Stella Perini, 1st Medicine and Health; Alec Udell, 1st Environmental Sciences; Galle Blaustein, 2nd Cellular and Molecular Biology; Emma Jonisch, 2nd Medicine and Health; Filippa Rasmussen, 2nd Behavioral Sciences; Stella O’Connell, 4th Cellular and Molecular Biology. Local Division Winners:  Ben Gold, 1st Bioinformatics; Katie McCann, 1st Medicine and Health; Mason Danzig, 3rd Behavioral Sciences.

The JSHS symposium is an opportunity for high school junior and seniors to present original research in science, technology, engineering or mathematics as they pursue a chance to compete at the regional, state and national level. 

In addition, Digital Design students Bora Kose and Anna Youngstrom submitted cover designs for the JSHS program cover.  Designs may be submitted from students at schools who also have student scientists competing. For the second year, Bora Kose was recognized as a Runner Up. 

HHS Students Take Top Spots at New York State & Westchester County Competitions

Lucia Lammers placed in the top 15 out of more than 600 projects at the New York State Science and Engineering Fair (NYSSEF), and Ryo Ide placed in the top 20 projects out of 715 at the Westchester Science and Engineering Fair (WESEF), which qualified them for the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) held in Los Angeles in May. Isabel Cross finished in the 10 next highest scoring sophomore and junior projects at WESEF to qualify for the Genius Olympiad  held at the Rochester Institute of Technology in June.
New York State Science and Engineering Fair

NYSSEF Winners

NYSSEF is the state level science project competition for students in 9th through 12th grades.
  • Lucia Lammers: 1st Place & Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair Finalist, Environmental Sciences 
  • Alissa Remeza: 2nd Place, Physics & Astronomy
  • Ryo Ide: 3rd Place, Robotics
  • Magda Mani: 3rd Place, Environmental Sciences
  • Yaseen Osman: 3rd Place, Systems Software
  • Julianna Blackman: 4th place, Behavioral Sciences
Westchester Science and Engineering Fair 
WESEF Winners
WESEF regional competition for high school juniors and seniors to present original research in science, technology, engineering or mathematics as they pursue a chance to advance to other regional, state and national competitions.
  • Ryo Ide: Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair Finalist & 1st Place, Computer Science
  • Massimo Reali: 1st Place Medicine and Health & Future of Medicine Award, Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Alissa Remeza: 1st Place, Physics and Astronomy
  • Isabel Cross: International Genius Olympiad Finalist & 2nd Place, Animal Sciences
  • Filippa Rasmussen: 2nd Place, Behavioral Sciences
  • Chase Ende: 2nd Place, Computational Biology
  • Lucia Lammers: 2nd Place, Environmental Science
  • Alec Udell: 2nd Place, Environmental Science
  • Julianna Blackman: 2nd Place, Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Mako Suzuki: 3rd Place, Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Martina Marcinkevicius: 3rd Place, Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Julia Carrea: 4th Place, Behavioral, Sciences
  • Galle Blaustein: 4th Place, Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • Emma Jonisch: 4th Place, Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Margaret Martinez: 4th Place, Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Valeria Torres: Honorable Mention, Behavioral Sciences
  • Magda Mani: Honorable Mention, Environmental Sciences
  • Eamon Murphy: NASA Earth System Science Award, Plant Science
  • Sami Ramirez: Society for In Vitro Biology Award, Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • Alexia de La Cabrero: US Agency for International Development (USAID) Science Champion Award, Behavioral Sciences
  • Parker Yates: US Agency for International Development (USAID) Science Champion Award, Behavioral Sciences
  • Remi Badner: United States Air Force Award, Behavioral Sciences
  • Katie McCann: Innovations in Biological Sciences Research Award, Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Stella Perini: BASF Expanding Knowledge in Science Award,  Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Sam Potkin: Ingenuity in Math, Physics and Astronomy Award, Physics and Astronomy
  • Teddie Stevens: Teatown Young Environmental Award, Environmental Sciences
  • Mia Castillo: David M. Holmes WESEF Engineering Innovation Award, Engineering

Junior Isabel Cross Competes at Genius Olympiad

For the first time in school history, junior Isabel Cross qualified for the Genius Olympiad, and presented her research, The Effect of the Gene AMPdeam on Performance in Drosophila melanogaster:  Implications of Genetic Testing on Specialized Training and Injury Susceptibility. Genius Olympiad is an international competition focusing on environmental issues for high school students.  Students qualify for the annual competition, founded and organized by Terra Science and Education and hosted by the Rochester Institute of Technology, by competing at regional science fairs and competitions.

Students Share Scientific Research at 22nd Annual Science Symposium

Science Research students shared their work at the 22nd Annual Harrison High School Science Symposium. The Science Research program supports students in conducting authentic and original scientific research, develop understanding of research methodologies in the natural and social sciences, and gain experience in laboratory and data-driven research. Students work with research scientists and professionals within their area of interest and commit to long-term, focused research. Students conduct independent research in mathematics, life science, physical science, psychology, or the social sciences and are required to use technology to organize research. Students maintain a portfolio of their work, and participate in local, regional, national, and international scientific competitions. Throughout the program, students demonstrate initiative, perseverance, and creativity, and develop independent work habits. Each year, all Science Research students present and discuss their work at the annual Science Symposium.


LMK Students Win Medals at State Science Olympiad 

Congratulations to four students who earned medals at the New York State Science Olympiad competition: Air Trajectory - Sparsh Gupta & Hafsat Idris; Wheeled Vehicle - Edward Caruso & Thomas Yan. The LMK Middle School Science Olympiad team competed at the New York State Science Olympiad in Syracuse, which included 40 teams from around the state. Earlier this year, the team placed 4th and earned a total of 25 medals at the Regional Science Olympiad.  Congratulations to the regional medal winners: Anatomy & Physiology -Eric Myung and Shaili Singh; Disease Detective-  Eric Myung and Katharine Wong; Dynamic Planet- Raito Sekine and Atharv Gandhi; Experimental Design- Shaili Singh, Robin Barreto, and Oviya Gandhi; Flight- Robin Barreto and Katharine Wong; Fossils- Sparsh Gupta and Thomas Yan; Meteorology- Raito Sekine and Graham Regan; Optics- Katharine Wong and Edward Caruso; Reach for the Stars- Edward Caruso and Raito Sekine; Road Scholar- Kevin Iwanski and Raito Sekine; Write It Do It- Ashley Cho and Hafsat Idris.

LMK Science Fair Presents Independent Student Research

LMK student scientists presented their research at the Annual LMK Science & Engineering Fair.  Students worked independently to identify a research project and followed the Scientific Method & Engineering Design Process to conduct research, analyze data, and design a presentation board of their findings.  Students completed their work outside of the school day,  and enjoyed sharing their research with all who attended the Fair. 

HHS Seniors Bring Physics to Life for District 4th Graders 

IB Physics students at Harrison High School welcomed 4th grade students from Parsons, Purchase, Preston, and Harrison Avenue Elementary Schools to the 18th Annual Physics Extravaganza.  Seniors who have been studying IB Physics brought abstract concepts to life for 4th grade students, who enthusiastically participated in each activity and recorded their thinking in their physics journals. The extravaganza is a valued celebration of learning for students of all ages!

5th Grade PYP Exhibitions & Science Fairs Feature Innovative Thinking


Fifth grade students at Preston, Purchase, Parsons, and Harrison Avenue Elementary Schools participated in the annual 5th Grade Science Fair. Prior to the Fair, students learned about the scientific method, then selected a topic of interest to investigate. Students designed presentation boards of their findings and shared them with attendees at the Fair.