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Parents are encouraged to drop-off and pick-up students each day to reduce the number of students riding the bus. 

School Bus Safety Protocols

Consistent with state-issued public school transportation and New York State Department of Health guidance, students and adults who ride school buses are required to wear masks. Students are not permitted to sit together, with the exception that siblings from the same household may sit together.  


  • The district will limit students to one per seat which is 50% or less of full bus capacity (approximately 21 students per bus). 

  • All students on school buses will be required to wear a face mask at all times (e.g., entering, exiting, and while seated), unless a disability or medical condition prohibits wearing of a face covering.  If a student does not have a mask, one will be provided.  

  • Eating and drinking is not allowed on school buses and will be strictly enforced.

Drivers and Monitors: 

  • School bus drivers will wear a face mask unless it inhibits their ability to drive .

  • Drivers and monitors will be trained regarding the use of PPE, social distancing, and symptoms associated with COVID-19.  

  • Drivers and monitors will complete daily COVID-19 symptom screening before beginning bus routes.  

  • Masks and gloves will be provided to drivers and monitors; monitors will wear masks at all times, and gloves will be worn when direct contact with students.  

Health and Safety: 

  • Bus windows will be open for ventilation when possible. 

  • High contact areas will be disinfected between morning and afternoon bus runs.  

  • School buses will be cleaned and disinfected daily.